Los Angeles Clippers: What about the Clippers?

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Much like our President who recently requested equal time from the late night hosts who he feels aren’t fairly allocating their evening barbs, the Clippers of Los Angeles recently reached out. In a now deleted tweet they lambasted LAPB for ignoring the other professional basketball team in LA.

After all, we do claim to be the authority on everything Los Angeles professional basketball.

For years it was easy to dismiss the Clippers. Yes they played in LA. Yes, they were professionals in that they got paid to play. But, was that really basketball? Back in the era before Doc Rivers it really was a debate worth having. It’s honestly very cool to have to remind young fans that the Clippers were bad once.

No, its true. They weren’t as bad as the Lakers but they were bad!!

Ok, ok, I will come clean. There was no tweet from the Clippers. The Lakers, as bad as they have been over the last few years, have nothing on the badness that was the Clippers. Finally, no, our President did not request equal time from late night hosts. Wait, what, he did? I was just making that up, it can’t be true. It is? Well, ok then, on we go.

While the Clippers are likely not yet aware of LAPB and wouldn’t waste a tweet on us, the badness that was the Clippers is real. I won’t belabor the point but it’s nice to look back as a way of appreciating what the franchise is today. Back then, they were consistently and comically bad. Today they are a perennial playoff team play a style of basketball that’s fun to watch. Back then players couldn’t wait to leave the franchise, today they are a free agent destination.

The Clippers are legit.

So then, why are there articles about the Lakers and nothing about the Clippers? Good question. The truth is that I had settled down to watch the third Clippers game of the preseason over the weekend. I had admittedly focused on the Lakers at the start of the preseason primarily because of the buzz over Lonzo Ball. Now, I was ready to give my full attention to the Clippers.

No, they don’t have Lonzo Ball, but they may have a player who ends up being better and actually a better point guard this year in Milos Teodosic. No, they don’t have space for max contracts in 2018 but they do have, arguably, the best front court in the game in Blake Griffin, Danilo Gallinari and DeAndre Jordan. I’m intrigued by Patrick Beverly and what he brings to the team. I wonder if Wesley Johnson will finally play as good as I think he can. I was ready to watch this team and then share with the LAPB family.

One problem – the game wasn’t televised.

That’s right, the preseason game between the Clippers and Portland Trailblazers on Sunday, October 7th was not on TV. I tried NBATV, nothing. TBS, nothing. ESPN, nothing. Fox Sports, nope. I finally tweeted the team to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. They never responded. Whoever manages the Clippers twitter account was not doubt watching the game…live.


So, maybe the lack of Clippers coverage on this site is a silent protest. Maybe it is me being childish. Or maybe I want to withhold judgement on the team until I see more of them. Truthfully, it is the protest and childish thing. 

We do aim to be the source for all things professional basketball. Which does, of course, include the Clippers. I am legitimately excited about the team and will write about that excitement in more detail soon. However, for now, the team is getting the silent treatment from LAPB until they show up on TV again. 

Unless I get over my tantrum and decide to write about them before then. So, it could go either way.

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