Los Angeles Lakers Game 1 Review

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Oftentimes in the NBA there is a big difference between the stats and game. For example, a game could end 105-99 and you might think it was close, until you check out the game and see the winning team was up by 40 then let up. Sometimes you can tell what a game was like by checking the box score, but more of the times you cant. You have to watch the game!

Which leads me to game 1 of the 2022-23 season for the Los Angeles Lakers. The box score tells me that the Warriors won by 14 points (not a blowout by NBA standards) in a game where Stephen Curry had 33 points.  The box score goes on to tell me that Anthony Davis had 27 points, LeBron James had 31 and Russell Westbrook added 19. Overall, the Lakers big-3 came through. When you add all this up, not a blow-out in a game the Lakers best players played well, it would be understandable if you felt the Lakers were just a few bounces and/or contributions from a bench player away from winning.

They weren’t. The bx score doesn’t tell the whole story!

What I Didn’t Like

  • What the box score doesn’t tell you, can’t tell you, is that the Warriors seemed to be toying with the Lakers. Any time the game was in question or the Lakers got close, the Warriors made a run. The Warriors are the better team and it showed last night.
  • The Lakers continued 3-point shooting. The Warriors are a historically good 3-point shooting team. They shot 45 of them last night. The Lakers, of late, are a historically bad 3-point shooting team. They shot 40! To be fair, neither team shot it well from distance, but the Lakers continued barrage of 3-point shots doesn’t make sense. Especially when you have Anthony Davis! Which leads me to…
  • Anthony Davis shooting 3’s. He shot 3. He missed 3. It’s a tale as old as Lakers time, but AD is better suited dominating on the low block and mid-range.

What I Liked

  • The Lakers defense was not bad! They got a lot of deflections, 12 steals and didn’t give up an inordinate amount of open looks. The Warriors are a very good offensive team, but the defense the Lakers played last night will suit them well against other teams not as offensively talented!
  • Anthony Davis’ spurt. There was a point in the first half where he was diving for loose balls, getting steals, makin shots at the low block and really looking unstoppable! If that Anthony Davis can play 70 games at least and show up for most of the game, the Lakers are a much better team.
  • Kendrick Nunn is a career 36.55% 3-point shooter coming into this season. Last night he was the only Lakers player that shot well from deep going 3/6. He is exactly the type of player that has excelled on a LeBron James team.

Full Court Press

This is where we look at the most recent story about the team and give you our thoughts

A quick search for Lakers news pops up a few articles about LeBron James’ comments about the teams makeup. In short, James admits that the Lakers are not made up of shooters. Yes, that is correct. The following is very general and a very broad-brush overview of responsibilities. Players are supposed to play with passion and to the best of their abilities within the system the coaching staff implements. The coaching staff are meant to develop a system that best positions the team for success. The executive office’s primary job is to bring in players that fit that system to make the job easier for the coaching staff and to best position the payers to excel. Given that overview in light of LBJ’s assessment, what is the root of the Lakers problems?

I’ll give you a hint. The root was recently given a multiyear contract extension that goes through 2026.

This could turn out to be a very long season Lakers fans



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