Los Angeles Lakers: Handle With Care


The season hasn’t started yet but there are already signs of concern coming from Lakers Land. Should you be concerned?

The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2019-20 NBA Champions! This is the expectation. This is the goal. Since LeBron signed with the team in 2018 and Anthony Davis was acquired this summer, LA has been on fire. This Dynamic Duo is expected to lead this storied franchise back to elite status and as the season is just around the corner the anticipation is rising. However, one has to wonder if the ball is beginning to unravel already, as Davis has already sustained an injury to his finger. Can this roster of seasoned veterans remain healthy enough not only to make it through the season but be at full or near full strength for the playoff run?

The preseason has just begun and Anthony Davis is already returning from an injury. Some reports say it’s not a big deal. Some say that it can effect how they begin the season. Me personally I am wondering if all these little injuries that he has had over the years is going to turn into a major injury at some point or major enough that he will miss multiple games? He has missed over a full season in games due to injury in his career and has already begun this season with an injury. Will he be able to hold up long enough for the Lakers to contend?

As for LeBron, he is going into his 17th NBA season and last year missed significant time for the first time in his career. Entering this season he has logged more minutes than all of 14 players in NBA history and is 1st in playoff career minutes. How long will it be before his body betrays him?

As for the rest of the squad, Rajon Rondo, Danny Green, Dwight Howard, and Jared Dudley are all over 30. They will be needed to contribute and take the pressure off the stars in order to compete for a championship. How will they hold up as well? Especially if they are called upon to step up more than originally thought. Only time will tell by so far, the shiny new toys are falling apart already.

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