Los Angeles Lakers: Run it Back Week #2 [VIDEO]


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Week 2 of the 2022-23 NBA season is over which means it’s time to Run it Back! This is Run it Back! NBA Week in Review – Los Angeles Lakers Edition!

Ok, well, Week 2 was the first full week in the 2022-23 NBA season and it was not good to the Lakers. After an O-fer in week 1, the Lakers matched that output in week 2. On Sunday they lost to the Blazers 106-104. That game was  in LA and it had the Lakers up 7 with 1:50 to go! Then miss after Lakers miss led to “Dame time” and the Blazers win. Then, they went on the road and lost to the Nuggets 110-99 and Timberwolves 111-102. Again, this was not a good week for the Purple and Gold. 

Before we get to our thoughts on this dismal week, let’s look at what the market is saying about the Lakers. For that, we go to our partner, Simbull.com.

SimBull team shares are virtual representations of professional and collegiate sports teams that you can trade on SimBull, but represent no real ownership of the real life team. Every team share you own gives you the opportunity to earn a win payout when that team wins in real life.

What’s interesting about the Lakers Simbull pricing is that there is clearly still hope! Yes, they are 0-5, yes, their price dropped in week 2, but people are buying which indicates that a resurgence is coming. The Lakers and their fans can only hope!

Not All Doom And Gloom

Personally, I don’t have much hope for a resurgence for this team, as presently constructed. LeBron James himself has said his team is not comprised of shooters and in todays NBA, you need shooters! Is it possible that a team will trad shooters to the Lakers as the trade deadline approaches – yes. I said at the start of the season that the Lakers team that started this season will not be the same team that ends it. There will be a shakeup as the trade deadline nears. Russell Westbrook, who is not THE problem in LA – but is also not a great fit, will be much easier to move as an expiring contract.

The question is, who will the Lakers get back? Will it be enough to move the needle and make this a championship type team – Nope.

But, it is not all doom and gloom. This team won the 2020 NBA Finals because of their defense and so far this season, they have been good defensively. They are top 10 in rebounding, steals and blocks. In fact they rank 3rd in the Association for defensive efficiency. If they can only make a few more shots…

Lets see what others thing of the Lakers week in a segment we call “Full Court Press”. I am going to type Los Angeles Lakers and discuss a few of the headlines, without actually reading the article. 

Finally, while the Clippers are not playing today, Saturday, October 29th. Let’s look at the winner’s ahead of time thanks to our partner Dimers.com



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