Moving Jae Crowder Hardly Moves The Needle

One of the NBA’s most notorious journeyman is on the move once again. At first it was just rumors and speculation, but four games into the 2022-23 season and Crowder has yet to even iron his Phoenix Suns Jersey. Last year the big story was that the team might lose Deandre Ayton due to his beef with the coach or most notably his contract dispute. However, after inking his new deal a few months ago, it seemed all was well in Death Valley. That was until Crowder came forward late September announcing, via social media, that his time with the Suns is now a “closed door”.

The Return Won’t Result In Much of A Talent Boost

Although, at this present time the ball is no longer in the Suns court, trading away a 25+ minutes a game, defensive asset seems…risky. His intangible value on the floor and in the atmosphere far outweigh his value on the trade market. I mean let’s be honest here, even though his hustle on the court was contagious, it’s hard to record that type of impact on paper. It’s even harder when the stats show us a below average 3 and D player, who seems to have left the 3 in his old locker at the FTX Arena.

With that being said, any team looking to do business will likely be sending over a guy with the same undesirable attributes and possibly slightly worse stats. A few teams that have thrown their hat in the ring have been the Bucks, and Heat both of which have offered players that most teams wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Wildly inconsistent players like Duncan Robinson, whose 3 point shot seems to come and go as it pleases. Other names mentioned were the likes of Grayson Allen, and Max Strus. Players with similar point production to Crowder, but without the locker room presence, or the defensive tenacity.

Losing Crowder doesn’t Move The Needle Forward

Let’s face it. All of the Valley is still stinging from that 2nd round spanking we received from the Mavericks last post-season. So the ultimate goal this year has to be the finals, in order to capitalize on the recent success and a star-studded starting line-up. With that being said, there are still holes in the roster and we were supposed to be attempting to fix them. Now with the departure of our starting PF from last year and not a lot of change on the bench to add additional scoring. It seems like this year will be a very rocky one for the Suns.

Crowder was far from a knockdown shooter and certainly wasn’t giving you 20+ on a nightly basis, however his contributions were invaluable, and losing his spark and energy seems like, a shot in the foot, especially if the players acquired are less productive or not even good enough to be in rotation. That puts us back at square one with an offensively challenged starter on a team that could use all the points production it can get.

Still though with a contract not being agreed upon and a disgruntled Crowder sitting at home feeling like we “closed the door in his face”, a trade may be the only option. Even if in the long run, it won’t help our playoff push.



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