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It’s that time of the season; time to start making MVP choice; it’s MVP Time! This year NBA fans are astounded by some of the MVP candidates. However, when asked who my choices are for the Most Valuable Player award my answer depends on totality. In my opinion, overall improvement is not solely based off the players skillset. Just as important is how that particular player effects and displays leadership towards the entire team.

My #3 Pick goes to…

So, to begin, my first choice would have to go with the Philadelphia Sixers seven foot center Joel Embiid. Embiid has clearly benefited from the help of the loaded squad and experienced coaching from Doc Rivers. Within the past season Embiid has become more dominant on the court as a whole. Not only does he average 29 points per game, 11 rebounds and a 68% FG shooting percentage , he’s produced nine consecutive 20 point first halves. That stat leads the league this season.

Joel Embiid has always been a key player since entering the league. He is blocking less shots this season but in doing so he stays away from foul trouble. That means extended periods of time on the floor. The biggest concern so far are the five missed games this season along with the decline in blocked shots. Not to undermine his talent in any way; I understand he uses his skill level to body through defenders, scoring and getting to the free throw line. But, he comes off as bit lazy at times. Specifically, I’m referring to the times opposing guards drive through the lane to score. Fans expect shots to be blocked at a higher rate coming from Embiid. Aside from the flushes, Joel continues to lead the Philadelphia Sixers in their 21-11 standing putting them at number one in the Eastern conference.

My #2 Pick goes to…

The fact that arguably the best player in NBA history Lebron James only has four MVP titles in his 17 year career is a bit mind boggling. It’s not surprising though to see the Los Angeles Lakers in the top three Western Conference standing with James oftentimes carrying them on his back. After losing Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroder, two vital assets for the Lakers, four time champion Lebron James was forced to take on more roles when on the floor all while returning seventy one days after the bubble.

Losing both his point guard and power forward the veteran alleviates a possible season deficit by now playing PG. Point Guard is a facilitating position offensively, but defensively taking on an aggressive role as center. As impressive as that is, it’s not the only reason I place him as my number two MVP candidate.  He is my #2 because of that and the fact that he has the Lakers currently at number three in Conference standing with an impressive 22-11 record.

My #1 MVP Candidate is…

My first MVP selection was easy. When you hear anything pertaining to the NBA, specifically the word “clutch”, it automatically brings to mind, you guessed it, Dame Time! Since his 2012 draft year he’s ranked number one in clutch points and tied for first at 15 with The Washington’s Wizards Bradley Beal for most games with 30 or more points. Currently, the Portland Trail Blazers are fifth in the Western Conference thanks to Damian Lillard‘s play.

He consistently plays at high level while never complaining or making excuses. Despite losing Zach Collins, CJ McCollum, and Jusuf Norkic for stretches’, Lillard has led his team to six consecutive wins averaging 29 points per game and 8 assists a night. Not only is he known for hitting big time shots, but in the last five minutes of a game, Damian Lillard has made 33 game winning shots. That puts him alongside Michael Jordan.

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