NBA Basketball Is Still Being Played…Kinda


It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since the NBA suspended play on March 11. In a very real way, my life changes when the NBA season begins. While you might find me outside, working or otherwise engaged during the NBA off-season, when the ball is tipped for any Lakers or Clippers game, I am in front of the TV. Or, on a good day, at Staples Center!

I love NBA basketball.
As I look back on the events that got us to this suspension, I’m actually proud of the league. When you see the struggle the MLB has had and the controversies surrounding the NFL it’s clear that leadership at the NBA is top notch. Faced with a once-in-a-lifetime event, the Commissioner didn’t flinch. He did the unthinkable and suspended the season. Looking back at it, that was a monumental moment.
I recently watched Blackballed, the documentary about the Clippers previous leadership. Sorry, I realize it’s petty, but I just can’t write his name. The memories it invokes are just too ugly! Watching that documentary was another example of NBA leadership at the forefront in sports. If you didn’t watch the documentary or don’t know the history, basically what happened was the NBA was faced with a difficult situation which was quickly and decisively dealt with.
The first week or so after the suspension was a blur for me. It was about the start of the second week when I started to look for alternatives. I wrote an article about the wonder of Flyball, which I stand by! I also admit to watching marble Olympics, a real thing that was surprisingly riveting. Mostly though, I worked and waited for the sport I love to return.
Now, thanks to I discovered that the game is back, kinda.
StatementGames is a site that, well, I’ll let them describe themselves. “StatementGames is the leading provider of the next generation of FREE 2 Play Sports Gaming.  In short, we have a different twist on Fantasy Sports.” I have to admit that I am not a gambler. My thought is that it goes back to my very first trip to Las Vegas. I had $20 or so, most of which was converted into coins and found their way into a slot machine. In short, and as you might suspect, I never got that $20 back and that was the beginning of the end of gambling for me; I just don’t have the stomach for it. But, I do love prognosticating which is obviously an integral part of betting. 
It’s just the losing money part that bothers me!
What attracted me to StatementGames is that, well, once again I will step aside and let them tell you. “With our games, end users are required to pick and rank OVER / UNDER Prop “Statements” (not individual athletes).” In short, I get to prognosticate! Example of prop statements recently were would Anthony Davis have more than 15 points in his game against the Clippers? Would LeBron James dish out more than 5 assists in the same game?  Both of those seemed like easy bets to me, but that’s the beauty of sports, you just never know!
This is the part where you point out that there are no games to be prognosticating against, and you would be right, kinda. You see, StatementGames allows you to make these picks against live NBA 2K20 Games.
Better yet, those games are broadcast on No, NBA 2K20 is not the real deal, but watching it is more than enough of a scratch to the NBA itch we have all been feeling since March!
As much as I liked Flyball and the marble Olympics, StatementGames brings basketball back to the forefront in a very creative way. If you like to bet while you watch, the team found a creative way to do that too! I will likely never be much of a gambler, but you will definitely find me at watching NBA 2K20 games now, and the real deal, well as real as the game will be under the NBA Orlando bubble, in just a few weeks!

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