13 Rules: NBA Random Thoughts

13 Rules Week5
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Eastern Conference

  1. After watching the Philadelphia-Cleveland game the other night I had some thoughts. The Cavaliers looked pretty good, especially down the stretch in overtime, without Donovan Mitchell. Craig Stevens played well as the other guard with Darius Garland. The Cavs also have Caris LeVert as a shooting guard. Mitchell and Garland have struggled together when they play and it is difficult when you have two ball dominant players. With Mitchell having a year plus this season left on his contract, and his desire to go to New York, it may be time to move him. I doubt he will re-sign with Cleveland. The Cavs could get back a good shooting guard, a role player plus draft picks in a deal. The picks will set the Cavs up for a few years and keep them around the salary cap.
  2. The Magic are becoming a real good team. They have a veteran in Joe Ingles but it may be a good idea to get another veteran. This will settle them down in tough situations and help them execute down the stretch in tough games.
  3. Speaking of down the stretch I thought Quin Snyder would help Atlanta in those situations. The Hawks though are still struggling. Could the problem be two ball dominant guards and if so what do you do about it.
  4. After playing the tough part of their schedule will the Brooklyn Nets turn things around? They went 1-5 against Boston, Miami and Philadelphia, but there is a reason to be optimistic. Especially after watching Mikal Bridges emerge as a scorer and leader.

Western Conference

  1. Coming into the season the Spurs, with Victor Wembanyama, were scheduled to be on national television quite often. Do these networks regret putting them on television because the Spurs have a 3-12 record.
  2. What’s up with the Jazz? They have been blown out lately. Their defense is struggling and they’re not planning on starting Walker Kessler when he returns from an injury. Last year Kessler was a candidate for rookie of the year. Big men who aren’t good three point shooters are becoming extinct.
  3. Will the real New Orleans Pelicans please stand up. Two weeks ago they were struggling with Zion Williamson questioning his role on the team. Now they are playing good basketball and have a winning record.
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