NBA Power Rankings – Week 1

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We are a week into the 2020-21 NBA Season and as always, there have been some surprises and some let downs. But as I mentioned in the beginning, we are only a week into the season, so I will try my best and not overreact! Here are my updated power rankings:

30: Detroit Pistons

29: Chicago Bulls

28: Oklahoma City Thunder

27: New York Knicks

26: Memphis Grizzlies

25: Golden State Warriors

24: Charlotte Hornets

23: Minnesota Timberwolves

22: Cleveland Cavaliers

21: Washington Wizards

20: Houston Rockets

19: San Antonio Spurs

18: Orlando Magic

17: Sacramento Kings

16: Atlanta Hawks

15: Toronto Raptors

14: New Orleans Pelicans

13: Dallas Mavericks

12: Phoenix Suns

11: Indiana Pacers

10: Boston Celtics

9: Denver Nuggets

8: Portland Trail Blazers

7: Utah Jazz

6: Milwaukee Bucks

5: Miami Heat

4: Philadelphia 76ers

3: Los Angeles Clippers

2: Brooklyn Nets

1: Los Angeles Lakers

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