13 Rules: Random NBA Thoughts – NBA Second Apron

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A focus this week is on the NBA second apron. What long term impact might this new rule have?

NBA Second Apron

  • If you are a die hard NBA fan take a look at the dreaded second apron. If a team goes over a second tax line they are restricted in making roster moves. Among the restrictions are, no trade exceptions, teams can’t put cash in any trades, can’t buy draft picks, can only sign minimum players and can’t sign a waived player making more than $12.2 million. They also will pay an exorbitant tax that the teams under the tax split up. This is horrible and limits a teams ability to win over the long term. The worst part is teams with established stars that have played with the same team throughout their career can’t re-sign that star unless they want to continue paying a progressive tax. An example is Klay Thompson as the Warriors have been heavily taxed over the last few years and are trying to get out of the tax . This is why Thompson, who deserves to finish his career in San Francisco, was unable to. In the future it will happen to other aging stars. Is this good for the NBA?

More Random Thoughts

  • The Oklahoma City Thunder just added Isaiah Hartenstein. If he plays as well as he did for the Knicks, look out. The Thunder needed size and they just got it. This also allows Chet Holmgren to play the four, a position he is best suited for.
  • What exactly are the Denver Nuggets doing. Their owner, Stan Kroenke owns ten different sports teams and is said to be worth 16.2 billion. This year he lost Kentavious Caldwell Pope. Pope is a key player who can defend and hit the open shot. He was a key player in their title run last season. Last year they lost Bruce Brown and Jeff Green and this year their bench hurt them in the playoffs, all because Kroenke didn’t pay them. This is a tough way to break up a former championship team.
  • Dallas adding Klay Thompson and Naji Marshall while losing Derrick Jones definitely improved their team. How improved they are all depends on what Thompson has left.
  • The Miami Heat still have a chance to improve with Lauri Markkanen and DeMar DeRozan still out there. It really is surprising that the Heat haven’t done anything yet. I would think Pat Riley has a move or two in him.
  • The Philadelphia 76ers adding Paul George just put them into the title conversation. The key is how well their health holds up. It will also be interesting to see if George can handle being the third option something he never has had to do.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are having problems. They can’t find another top player to go with Lebron James and Anthony Davis. The only other player, on the Lakers, other teams covet is Austin Reaves but the Lakers don’t want to trade him.
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