NBA Western Conference Rankings – Week 3

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Now its getting interesting.

Was anyone really worried about the Warriors? Not the Warriors, I’m sure. They are back at the top after a rough start. In fact, we have a new leader and a new bottom-feeder as we end week 3.

Rockets fans have a right to be mad. Remember though, this is all about the math. The Rockets are winning, to be sure, however its more about who they are beating that keeps them at the 4 spot. Remember that quality wins matter here.

The Spurs took a tumble but the Suns look like a new team. It couldn’t of been Earl Watson’s fault, right? Despite the recent winning after a truly horrible start the Suns only managed to jump up one spot.

The Lakers are winning and looking good doing it. Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady even feels this is a team that can beat anyone! The only problem with the purple & gold at the moment is that they are still in the Western Conference which means they come in at the 13 spot.

Weren’t the Kings supposed to be better than this? I do sense a resurgence coming for this Shaq-owned team, but for now, they are holding all the other teams up.

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