New York Knicks: Grimes Time

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Quentin Grimes has really shown his value as of late. Is it time for time to take the next step?

During the 112-99 win against the Sacramento Kings this past Sunday, G Jalen Brunson suffered a right ankle sprain with about 9 minutes left in the game. According to sources, it’s likely that Brunson will miss time due to this injury. The Knicks are currently on a 4 game winning streak and even though Brunson’s injury hurts the team, it can also be the perfect opportunity for G Quentin Grimes to show what he’s really made of.

Recently, Grimes has been a spark plug for the Knicks off the bench. His activity on the defensive end has been nothing short of excellent and contagious. He plays with a high defensive IQ and is aggressive on the ball. Defense has been the Knicks recipe for success as of late and the energy that Grimes has brought off the bench is a big part of it.

More than just defense

Grimes has also been able to provide some production offensively. He recently had his best offensive performance so far this season against the Hawks last week, where he scored 23 points and shot 6-7 from the field. With Brunson out, it will be called upon him to elevate on the offensive end. Even though he can be shaky from the perimeter at times, Grimes is streaky and is capable of making the right play with the ball in his hand, which is something that the Knicks need him to do to continue their winning ways without Brunson.

As of now, it looks like G Immanuel Quickley will replace Brunson in the starting lineup but it wouldn’t be surprising if Grimes starts a few games for the Knicks as well. Either way, his minutes are still going to increase and the Knicks will be more reliant on his production than ever before. Grimes has been patiently waiting to make his mark and now he has the golden opportunity to do so.

Will he rise to the occasion?



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