New York Knicks: Playoff Lock?

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The Knicks have continued to play well heading into the All Star break. Are they a lock to make the postseason?

Considering all of the ups and downs the Knicks have already endured this season, they have been able to remain relevant in the Eastern Conference playoff race.  They look like they can possibly make a jump in the standings. 

The Knicks currently hold the 7th seed in the East and are only 2 games out of the 5th seed. That spot is held by the Brooklyn Nets. If the playoffs started today, the Knicks would be involved in the play-in tournament.  This wouldn’t be the most ideal situation due to the chances of dropping in seeding and possibly out of the playoffs. The good news is that the Knicks have won 5 out of their last 7 games and have continued to get great production from Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson. Also, with the Nets potentially falling out of the playoff picture after trading Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, there is an opportunity for the Knicks to avoid the play-in and get right to work in the first round.

After last years disaster of an season, making the postseason would be a step in the right direction and something to build upon with this young core for years to come. With only 17 games remaining on the schedule after the All Star break, the Knicks will have to prove themselves against some tough competition. That includes the Boston Celtics, the Denver Nuggets, the Sacramento Kings, and a new look Lakers team. Can the Knicks stay on a roll and secure a playoff spot during the most important time of the season?

Only time will tell.


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