New York Knicks: Thibs In the Mix

Tom Thibodeau has done a phenomenal job (especially recently) coaching the Knicks to success. Should he be in the running for coach of the year?

The Knicks are the hottest team in the Association and have continued to put the basketball world on notice. They are currently on a league best nine-game winning streak and have put themselves in striking distance to potentially get home court advantage in the 1st round of the playoffs. Now, there are many components that have played into the Knicks recent success but Tom Thibodeau’s coaching has been the biggest component.

Thibodeau’s key line up changes has proved to be a huge factor in the Knicks winning ways. Plugging in younger players like Quentin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley, and recently Josh Hart, more into the lineup has provided this team with more energy and depth at the guard positions. It was clear that veterans Evan Fournier and Derrick Rose weren’t going to be the best options for the Knicks moving forward.  So making the decision to change up the lineup has proven to be the right decision that has since benefited the team immensely.

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Also, even though they were a little shaky throughout some parts of the season, Thibodeau has coached this team to multiple win streaks. The Knicks enjoy top 10 rankings in overall offense (since the new year) and defense (for the entire season). In addition, Thibodeau has been able to keep this team prepared on the road as the Knicks hold a record of 20-12 away from MSG.  That ranks second in the NBA. After the early season struggles, Thibodeau has guided this team to a huge and unexpected turnaround.  Which is not easy to do during the season. He’s found a way to get the best production out of his players and is stacking up key wins right before the postseason. 

At the moment, Sacramento Kings coach Mike Brown is probably the front runner for Coach of the Year due to how he has changed the entire complexion of the franchise in one season. Even though this is the case, Tom Thibodeau should be also be in the race to win his 2nd COTY award in three seasons. He has the Knicks playing at a level we haven’t seen in years. The energy that he has brought back to the Knicks after last season’s disaster is nothing short of spectacular and is the reason why he should garner heavy consideration for COTY.


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