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The Knicks just pulled off a big trade before the deadline. What impact can this have on the Eastern Conference?

Well, after all of the rumors, the Knicks have finalized a trade before the deadline. And oh is it a good one.

The Knicks were in desperate need of scoring from their bench. They might have found exactly what they’ve been looking for with Alec Burks and Bojan Bogdanovic.

New York Knicks Trades: Welcome Back Burks

Burks, who last played for the Knicks two seasons ago, returns to New York to be an important bench piece. In the 43 games he played this season with the Pistons Burks averaged 12.6 PPG. This was while shooting 40.1% from behind the arc. He’s a player that can step right in and provide instant offense off the bench and has the ability to get hot in a hurry. Burks 25 point performance against the Kings on Wednesday is a prime example of that.

Overall, with the combination of Burks scoring ability and his familiarity with Coach Thibodeau’s system, Alec Burks should be able to be a seamless fit for this Knicks team. Now, adding Burks is a good move for this team but getting Bogdanovic is this deal as well could be a game changer.

New York Knicks Trades: NY Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic has been a proven scorer throughout his 10 year career in the NBA. He is a career 15.8 PPG scorer and has averaged double digit points in every season after his rookie year. Also, in the previous four seasons he has played, Bogdanovic has averaged 20 or more points in two of those seasons while also averaging 20.2PPG this season in 29 games played with the Pistons. Plus, just like Burks does, Bogdanovic also shoots over 40% from the 3 point line (41.5% to be exact). This guy can flat out score and can really man the back small forward role, which takes pressure off of O.G Anunoby to play so many minutes.

The Knicks have upgraded their bench significantly with this trade and the fact they didn’t give up any 1st round picks makes the deal that much sweeter. It’s clear that the Knicks are looking to contend now and with the way the Eastern Conference is currently looking, they have a chance to do something great this season.

Beast in the East?

As presently constructed, The Knicks are tied with the Bucks for the third seed in the Eastern Conference. The only thing that’s holding the Knicks back from being a top two seed is the recent injuries that have occurred. Anunoby, Randle, and Robinson are likely to miss the month of February with their injuries. As long as the Knicks stay in the top 4 seed and everyone gets fully healthy for the postseason, the Knicks have a legit chance at a run to the Finals.

This trade just gave the Knicks arguably the deepest roster in the Eastern Conference when healthy. They have a legit 11 man lineup that are versatile and effective. Ultimately, having a deep roster can be a big advantage over opponents in the postseason. If the Knicks play their cards right and everything comes together at the right time, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the East.

Once again, the Knicks have made a great move before the deadline. We’ll see how this team comes together heading into the playoffs but this a big win for the organization.


Upcoming Weekend Match-up

Knicks vs Pacers @MSG (Potential Debut’s for Alec Burks and Bojan Bogdanovic)

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