In the last game before the All-Star break, veteran guard Chris Paul suffered a fractured thumb. This injury will seemingly have him sidelined for some 6-8 weeks. Now on the outside looking in you may be thinking this is the end of the Sun’s dominance. In one game they lose a second to third scoring option, the coach on the floor, their leading assist man, and the sole reason the pick and roll is so effective. However, I see this much differently.

I see a team that must get creative with the depth chart and will see just how deep they really are. I also see a team with an aging point guard who gets an 8 week vacation, time to heal up and relax before the playoffs begin. As we all know CP3 has had bad luck with injuries in the postseason, so this quality time could be literally and figuratively what the doctor ordered. And lastly, the remaining 24 game are very winnable without Chris.

Would you love to have him? Of course, but people in hell want A/C; can’t always get what you want. I say you rest him up and wait until the playoffs before you let him suit up for another game.

The Return

Cameron Payne and Landry Shamet will be returning to add more bodies to the back court rotation. Chris will be missed, but the Suns should be in good shape to keep the 1st seed even in his absence.

  • Payne averaged: 10 points and 4 assists before his injury
  • Shamet averaged: 7 points and 2 assists before his
  • Paul currently averages: 15 points and a league leading 10.7 assists

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Nathaniel Malone

February 23, 2022