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With Kemba Walker on the trade block, John Wall could be a potential trade target for the Knicks. Here’s why he shouldn’t be.

Once again, the Knicks are in need of a starting point guard. Since the Knicks have benched Kemba Walker, G Alec Burks has filled the starting role. Even though Burks has been solid in his new role, he leaves an offensive hole with the 2nd unit that’s desperately needed. With the Knicks likely to trade Kemba before the trade deadline, it has been rumored that Houston Rockets G John Wall is a likely trade option that the Knicks can pursue. Ultimately, that would be a big mistake that will not help the Knicks in the near future. Now, John Wall is deserving of an opportunity to prove that he’s still an elite guard in today’s NBA. But, it shouldn’t be with this Knicks squad. Here are three reasons why.

Lack of a Perimeter Shot

Even during his All-Star days with the Washington Wizards, John Wall has never been a player with a consistent perimeter jumper. In reference to the statistics, Wall has shot 32.3% from the 3 point line throughout his 10 year career. As we know, in today’s NBA, 3 point shooting is essential and is especially needed from guards. If Wall can’t show the ability to shoot, it will only shrink the floor for the Knicks offense. An offense which is already struggling as is. With his speed, Wall can get into the teeth of the defense and be a playmaker. But, if he can’t hit perimeter shots he becomes a bit of a liability. A liability this Knicks team can’t afford to have.

Bad Contract

Wall is currently in the third year of his 4 year $171 million dollar extension that he signed with the Wizards a couple of years ago. According to sources, the Rockets are not interested in reaching a buyout with John Wall which means his contract will follow him to his next team that he plays for. If you are the Knicks, it would make no sense to take on his contract due to the fact that he is still recovering from his achilles injury and hasn’t been on the floor consistently over the past few seasons. It’s too big of a risk for a player that hasn’t played much basketball recently and still has over 85 million dollars left on his deal. The Knicks have made mistakes like this in the past and shouldn’t go down that same road again.

His Motor

After his demand to be moved from the Houston Rockets before the start of the season, Wall hasn’t played this season. I’m not saying he doesn’t still have a high motor but if you are the Knicks at this point, you should definitely put it into question. Like I stated before, Wall hasn’t played much basketball these previous seasons and doesn’t seem in a rush to get back on the floor. Bringing him into a situation with Tom Thibedouea as your head coach, it can be a recipe for disaster. He would need to play a big role for this team and if his motivation and effort is in question, acquiring him shouldn’t even be a consideration. There are other ways you can move Kemba Walker. This is not the way.

As this story progresses, we’ll see who the Knicks can get in return for trading Walker. Hopefully, it won’t be John Wall.

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