One Deal Away! NBA teams to lookout for at the trade deadline

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With the trade deadline days away here are my teams that need to make trades to improve this trade deadline. Seems to be a large list of names being rumoured for trades, even more than the usual compared to other years. So I’ll be making a list of the most realistic trades teams will make this trade deadline and explain why it would be beneficial for both sides. Some will be Panic trades, Smart trades and some minor trades. Let’s start who teams who are one deal away to improving their rosters!

New York Knicks & Los Angeles Lakers

New York Knicks receive Russell Westbrook, Kent Bazemore, DeAndre Jordan, 2027 1st round (via Lakers)

Los Angeles Lakers receive Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier and Alec Burks


Safe to say that the Russell Westbrook experiment in Los Angeles was a fail. Chemistry of him, LeBron James and Anthony Davis doesn’t match and it shows on their record. So I think trading Westbrook to New York would be a great way to get rid of that massive contract and restart with receiving three quality role players in Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier and Alec Burks. Bringing in those guys would help the Lakers become more of a 3-point shooting threat and bring some great floor spacing for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The defence from those guys won’t help but maybe they might rejuvenate to become them old selfs and make this team an offensive minded Lakers roster for this season.


For the New York Knicks to receive Westbrook, it would give their team a spark. A energetic pick and roll point guard who will bring his all on the court. Receiving another star makes a small big three with RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, Russell Westbrook and give the fans an entertaining team to watch. I know the contract of Westbrook is a big concern but he makes the Knicks a playoff team this year and next season. Even if things doesn’t work out. The Knicks have the option to get rid of him next season with his expiring contract.

Boston Celtics acquiring Jerami Grant

Boston Celtics receive Jerami Grant

Detroit Pistons receive Josh Richardson, Aaron Nesmith, 2023 and 2025 first round picks (via Celtics)


Jerami Grant to Boston would be a good trade for the Celtics to acquire this trade deadline. Currently at the 8th spot in the eastern conference, the Celtics need a roster shake up to say the least if they’re serious about being a title contendor. Jerami Grant as the 3rd star to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown would be a good fit. Taking the role as the 3rd offensive star is difficult and would be hard for Grant to adjust. As Grant the past two seasons in Detroit’s he was the primary scorer. Averaging 20 points last year and now averaging 19.3 this season. Since Jerami Grant is known for his scoring. He can take off the offensive responsibilities from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown each night and become a reliable 3rd option. Also complemented with defensive role player Marcus Smart and other quality role players in Dennis Schroder, Robert Williams, Grant Williams and savy veteran Al Horford. The Celtics would have a solid eight man rotation for a playoff run.


You might say “why would the Detroit Pistions take this trade?” The only reason Detroit would accept this trade is because of the draft picks. They’re obviously rebuilding and trying to build around Cade Cunningham, their 1st overall pick in 2021. Getting Jerami Grant off their rotation would help give his minutes to their younger players and help them develop. And receiving two rounds pick helps the future of their rebuild. Receiving Players like Josh Richardson is useless to their rebuild. Unless Detroit flips him for more picks. And keeping Aaron Nesmith wouldn’t be a terrible idea as he could potential be excellent shooter next to Cade Cunningham.

Charlotte Hornets land Myles Turner

Charlotte Hornets receive Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers receive Mason Plumlee , PJ Washington and 2022 first round pick ( protected top 18 via Knicks)


For Charlotte to acquire Myles Turner would be a huge update over Mason Plumlee. It’s been very clear Charlotte needs a upgrade at center. Charlotte’s depth at center were getting bullied in paint against players like Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jarrett Allen and Bam Adebayo. Even ranking 17th in the league in opponent points in paint per game with 46.7. Landing Myles Turner gives Charlotte protection at the rim, as he’s currently ranking 1st in the league in blocks with 2.8 per game. Myles turner also brings in a offensive flare to Charlotte. He and Lamelo Ball can play a great pick and roll play style or he can stretch the floor with his ability to shoot the 3 well for a big man. With Myles Turner only being 25 years old, this trade makes him a key piece for a championship run for years to come.


Indiana might give a young talent in Myles Turner away but they sure get some nice pieces in return. Bringing in PJ Washington to this team gives a him chance to potentially become a star player. Mason Plumlee would be a useful veteran to play for couple years. And getting a first round pick in this trade is a nice cherry on top for Indiana this upcoming draft.

Dallas Maverick trading for Eric Gordon

Dallas Mavericks receive Eric Gordon

Houston Rockets receive Frank Ntilikina, Reggie Bullock, Dorian Finney-Smith, 2022 First round pick (via Mavericks) and 2023 second round pick ( via Mavericks)


Eric Gordon a veteran shot creator who can strive for the Dallas Maverick in a playoff run. Eric Gordon would be great solution for Dallas Maverick Tim Hardaway‘s injury. Also a great replace if Jake Brunson leaves in this seasons free agency. A player like Gordon gives his team flexible. He can play big minutes and become a number two option on this team. Or he can play off the bench as your sixth man and take over a game for a quarter against the other teams second units. Meanwhile he’s a great veteran guard who has playoff experience and has a reasonable contract to move this offseason if things don’t work out ( 58,705,080$ for three years).


Houston Rockets would receive a good 3 and D player in Reggie Bullock who they can keep or move off him this offseason. Receive Frank Nikilikina a former 8th overall pick who can maybe your backup point guard for the future. Then finally what the rockets really want is draft picks, which they would receive a 1st and a 2nd round pick off Dallas.

Harrison Barnes joins the grizzlies

Memphis Grizzles receive Harrison Barnes

Sacramento Kings receive Kyle Anderson, Jarrett Culver and 2022 first round pick ( Top 20 Protected )


I know Memphis Grizzles chemistry at the moment looks really good and probably shouldn’t be touched but I think Harrison Barnes could be a small move to help them make a push for title this year. Barnes would be a excellent 3 and D wing for this team. Hitting 43.6% of his threes off the catch. It’s time for the Grizzlies to make an impact this playoffs. And bringing in Barnes as a former champion in 2015 can show how to play in big playoff games and could hit key shots heated moments.


The Kings getting Kyle Anderson is temporary player who can play off bench. Then be released to free agency due do to his contract expiring this offseason. Jarrett Culver is a young talent that the Kings could keep for as a future bench player, or even trade him this offseason for more assets. Adding another 1st round pick for the kings is always a bonus for their rebuild.

An Ben Simmons for James Harden swap for the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers

Brooklyn Net receive Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and a 2022 first round pick

Philadelphia 76ers receive James Harden


Is it just me or has Ben Simmons trade value seem to go up without him playing? The constant rumours of Ben Simmons these past couple days seem crazy. Rumours of him being traded to Washington for Bradley Beal or Sacramento Kings for De’Andre Fox. The trade that seems most realistic by the trade deadline is for James Harden in Brooklyn. The 76ers would have to give a boat load for Harden but I think it’ll be worth the deal. A James Harden and an MVP candidate Joel Embiid might be the craziest duo in the league right now. A duo where the big man can dominate the paint and James Harden can dominate his isolation game on perimeter. Offensively this would be fun to watch. Not to mention a nasty pick and roll game between them would be impossible to stop. Making this move makes them easy title favourites. It’s a title shot move to make while Joel Embiid is playing so great.


If James Harden is actually serious about wanting to leave the Brooklyn Nets, this would be a smart move for the management to make. You don’t want a superstar player like James Harden to leave for nothing and I totally understand why trading him away for assets is smart. Getting a 25 year old defensive stopper / playmaker can fit really well between Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Ben Simmions can just play lockdown defence and just set up KD and Irving. And he doesn’t even need to score to be effective on this roster since KD and Irving will do all the scoring for him. And adding Seth Curry to the mix is another perfect weapon for Simmons to set up. This trade helps the Nets defensive and make them deeper in depth with Curry added. I think both teams benefit differently and we could see both teams in the eastern conference finals.

Minor Trades That Might Happen

Milwaukee Bucks Receive Robin Lopez – Orlando magic receive Semi Ojeleye and 2023 second round pick

Atlanta Hawks receive Gary Harris – Orlando Magic receive Danilo Gallinari

Minnesota Timberwolves receive Kelly Olylnk – Detroit receive Jake Layman, Jarred Vanderbilt and Leandro Bolmaro

Toronto Raptors receive JaMychal Green and Monte Morris – Denver Nuggets Goran Dragic

Brooklyn Nets receive Torey Craig – Indiana Pacers receive Jevon Carter, Paul Millsap, 2022 second round pick

Chicago Bull receive Malik Beasley – Minnesota Timberwolves receive 2024 first round pick, Derrick Jonas jr, Troy Brown jr

One Deal Away One Deal Away One Deal Away One Deal Away One Deal Away

One Deal Away One Deal Away One Deal Away One Deal Away One Deal Away


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