Playoff Prediction Time!

Playoff Prediction
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Playoff predictions are like doubts that Kendrick Nunn will ever play again, everybody has them. That being said I thought I would go ahead and give you mine anyways. So here goes.

Western Conference Prediction

There is a very clear favorite in the West. The Phoenix Suns are definitely looking like the team to beat. I won’t argue with this much. They are versatile with a great combination of rookies and veterans. They also seem to really like each other. Chris Paul and Devin Booker have formed a strong bond it seems. They play really good team basketball and can dictate the action of the game pretty much however they want to with that versatility. I think it will be very hard for anyone to beat them in a seven game series.

The Warriors and the Grizzlies could possibly take them to 7 games, but I think they would have to have everything bounce their way to win that game 7.

I think the Suns should easily be the team representing the Western Conference this season.

Eastern Conference Prediction

The East is a little more wide open and harder to call. Miami is the #1 seed but they don’t feel like the dominant #1 that Phoenix does in the West. It feels more like they were last man standing at the end of the season than the best team in the East. This makes me want to give the edge to the the defending champs Milwaukee.

I think Miami still stands a punchers chance, but those punches and combinations need to be perfect for them to win, I think. I also won’t count out Boston because they play such good defense. The loss of Robert Williams may be their downfall though, even with that defense.

I think Milwaukee will be the team representing the East once again this year.

Dark Horse Teams

If anyone in the West can be the one to topple CP3 and the Suns it has to be Stephen Curry and the Warriors. That is the one team and one player I can see having a shot at taking them down.

The Warriors are my dark horse pic for the Western Conference.

Win streaks and defense matter in this game and the Celtics have achieved at a nice level doing both late in the season. They seem to be peaking at just the right time. That defense might be just good enough to get them in to the Finals.

Brooklyn would be my dark horse if they were facing anyone but the Celtics in the first round, in fact. I just think they got dealt an unlucky hand. They don’t matchup well with the Celtics. At 1-3 on the season against them and their only win coming way back in November it’s hard to have faith they can get past them.

The Celtics are my dark horse pic for the Eastern Conference.

Finals Prediction

Rematches are often legendary. Sports fans know this. Now, this may not be like Ali Vs’ Frazier II, but it should be great in it’s own right. A seven game series seems like a good possibility. I’d be shocked if it goes less than 6 games actually. The Suns will want revenge, and have reloaded to be stronger, but the Bucks are still defending champs and I don’t expect them to just roll over. It should be a good hard fought series.

The Suns will win the NBA championship this year, but it will take them all 7 games.

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