Portland Gets Their Tails Blazed


In a real nail biter of a game the Los Angeles Clippers (41-19) somehow pulled off a one point victory on the road against the Portland Trail Blazers (32-25) 113-112 at Moda Center. The Clippers were once again without Kawhi Leonard, but Portland was also without their best player in Damian Lillard. So, things were kind of evened out in that respect. Thus, it was a close game throughout. Neither team could get much of an edge over the other. Whenever one time seemed to have the momentum, the other would go on a run of their own. Example being, at the end of the first half the Clippers were on a 10-0 run when the made a careless turnover followed by a careless foul on a 3 point shot, seizing the mo for the Blazers.

This went on until the waning moments of the game. The Clippers had possession and were down by just one, when with 4 seconds left in the game Paul George was fouled and sent to the free-throw line for 2. He sank both of them in the clutch and put the Clips up by 1. In those last 4 seconds, the Blazer’s CJ McCollum had a shot to win it but bricked it. The Clippers were able to absolutely steal this win and sweep the season series against Portland.


It has to go to Paul George with his 33 points on 13 out of 22 shooting, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. Without Kawhi, PG13 has to be the man for the team, and he was last night. He once again scored 30 points, as well as started a winning streak for LAC. He scored the most crucial points of the entire game by putting his team up by 1 in the closing seconds of the game. LAC does not sneak out of Portland with this W if it were not for him coming up big in the clutch.


Kawhi Leonard. We got the news yesterday that Kawhi will be missing for at least a week in order to rest his lingering foot soreness as to not aggravate it further going into the postseason. This is the homestretch of the regular season, so the the Clips want Kawhi to be healthy for when it really matters. We just got Kawhi back for a game only to seem out once again, which is annoying. However, it would be even more annoying if he were to play on it and exacerbate his injury right before when they need him the most. It is probably wise to sit him right now as LAC is already guaranteed to be in the playoffs.


Rajon Rondo and his 9 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists off the bench. Rondo looks like things have really clicked for him with his new team. With him on the floor the Clippers are far in the +. He has been quoted as saying that some of the things that the Clippers run are the exact same things they ran when he was in Boston. Makes sense, as Ty Lue was an assistant coach for that team. This being so, Rondo has settled in nice and quick. Good thing to because the playoffs are right around the corner.

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