Preview: Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets – Round 2

  • When: Tuesday, January 12th at 5pm Pacific
  • Where: Toyota Center, Houston, TX – limited seating
  • Fact: The Rockets, like the Clippers, once played in San Diego, CA
  • Players out: Mason Jones, Chris Clemons

It’s the rematch no one really asked for! The Los Angeles Lakers handled the Houston Rockets 120-102 in game one which was played two days ago as dictated by the weird 2020-21 NBA schedule. The Rockets team, featuring James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall, would have been unbeatable five years ago. Unfortunately for them, the games are being played in 2021.

The first game included five technical fouls, two flagrant fouls and ejections for Markieff Morris and DeMarcus Cousins. Game two should be a bit more reserved. Regardless, it is hard for any team in the Association to beat any other team in the Association twice in a row. Even harder when the games are played on your opponents home court. The Lakers are the defending Champions and never back down from a challenge; that’s what Champions do. Tonight’s game against the Rockets should be a challenge.

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