Random NBA Thoughts #7

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  1. If he was a bigger name coming into the season, would DeMar DeRozan be the leading candidate for the MVP. DeRozan is doing some amazing things. Things that haven’t been done in Chicago since Michael Jordan did them.
  2. I think everyone is starting to think that maybe the Bucks don’t get past the second round of the playoffs this year. Every time you think they are getting going and about to go on a streak, they lose to teams that aren’t nearly as good as them.
  3. When everybody is healthy the Cavaliers are good. However, with their injuries adding up they have become quite vulnerable. The one player they can’t afford to lose, Darius Garland, has been out for a while. Without his offense they have problems.
  4. Ever since Bradley Beal got hurt and Spencer Dinwiddie was traded the Wizards are playing better. For a stretch they weren’t competing but now at least they play hard. Kyle Kuzma is emerging as their go to guy.
  5. I don’t quite know what happened but suddenly Detroit is competitive. In the last two weeks they have beaten Boston, Charlotte and Cleveland. They also gave Boston a tough time, in their second game, in this stretch, their only loss. Cade Cunningham is becoming a force with a good short range game.
  6. Don’t get me wrong I think Sam Presti is doing a good job in Oklahoma City. He has stocked up on draft picks and has some nice assets. LeBron James praising Presti was interesting because the question I ask of Oklahoma City is, how many years do you need to tank before you compete?
  7. When I look at the Sacramento Kings I see an organization that needs a complete overhaul. Though moving on from Tyrese Haliburton, who is a good player, and Marvin Bagley III was a start three is more to do. The overhaul includes as many players and most of management. This is a franchise that seems to find good players but their output never equals their talent level.

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Random NBA Thoughts #7 Random NBA Thoughts #7

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