Random NBA Thoughts Number 1

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  1. I want to think Philadelphia could be a top two team in the Eastern Conference but early returns show the same old Philly. Their offense is something from the nineties and they seem only mildly interested in playing defense. Here’s hoping they figure it out.
  2. BTW if the 76ers continue to play the way they’d Tuesday night, how long before the fire Doc rumors begin in Philadelphia, if they haven’t already.
  3. The Celtics not signing Grant Williams may turn out to be a major mistake. I understand the concern over the luxury tax but Williams is a great on the ball defender that plays much taller than he is. He also has developed a good three point shot especially out of the corners and is showing the ability to go to the basket.
  4. The Nets were pummeled last night by New Orleans last night. Their lack of size was apparent as they were mauled on the boards at both ends of the court. With the offensive talent they have they need Ben Simmons to figure things out and to acquire a legit big man. Nic Claxton is a nice big but he has problems with any true center like Jonas Valanciunas. Simmons stat line last night, twenty-three minutes, four points, five rebounds and five assists before fouling out.
  5. Cleveland has talent and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. The first step is beating a top team in their arena. Last night was just that opportunity in Toronto and they had problems and let the game get away down the stretch. Granted they lost Darius Garland early but it still should have been a win for them.
  6. It’s only the third day of the season but tonight’s Laker game against the Clippers is a big game. If the Lakers get beat again the press will already begin to write them off.
  7. Draymond Green, what more can you say. I understand the name of the game is to win. Green is the perfect role player for the Warriors as he makes everyone on his team better but his bullying act has gone onto long. The Warriors and particularly Steve Kerr had chance to show him there are consequences for your actions but failed to do so.


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