Random NBA Thoughts Playoffs #2

1. The Brooklyn Nets aren’t big enough to compete with the Philadelphia 76ers so they have gone small for large parts of their games. Going small has worked to some extent and doubling Joel Embiid has forced the other 76er players to have to make shots. It worked in the first half of game two but the Nets shot poorly in the second half costing them the game.

2. Everyone else is weighing in on Draymond Green so why shouldn’t I. First off let me say that he is a real good player that makes good choices and is the ideal teammate during the game. It’s in the dead ball situations where he doesn’t make good choices. As for his suspension I believe the league was correct and for the right reasons. Draymond needs to play the game and stop with his WWE antics. They have been going on for years.

3. Tom Thibodeau made a poor decision leaving Julius Randle in the game Tuesday. I know Randle wanted to find his rhythm by staying in the game but Thibs is the head coach and he should have overruled Randle on this. The game was over when Randle got fouled by Allen.

4. The Clipper vs. Suns series has surprised me. I thought the Clippers without Paul George would be in trouble and not tied one to one now. I thought the Suns would win the first two games at home. If you look at it, it is quantity versus quality. The Clippers have a great many decent to good players and one star in Kawhi Leonard. The Suns have two stars and not nearly as many decent to good players. This requires Kevin Durant and Devin Booker to log a lot of minutes for the Suns to win the series.

5. Pump the brakes on the Lakers. This is not to say they won’t win this series but it is to say they aren’t the juggernaut some thought they were.

6.  The Boston Celtics have at times looked like world beaters than at other times just another team. If they are to go anywhere they need to spend more time being world beaters.

7. The Miami Heat without Tyler Herro need to find offense. I know you’ll tell me they scored 122 points last night but in turn I’ll ask you, do you expect the Heat to continue shooting 60% and 44% in the first two games of this series from three? The Heat were not a good shooting team from three this year. This year they shoot 34% from three in the regular season.


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