Random NBA Thoughts Playoffs #3

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  1. Donovan Mitchell had a great regular season averaging 28.3 points per game. In fact he should be a definite All-NBA player this year. It’s the playoffs where he needed to step it up. He averaged 23.2 points per game in them this year. During the regular season this he seemed to take over games and will the Cavaliers to victory. In the playoffs it wasn’t there, part of the credit goes to the Knick players and their coaching staff for devising and executing a plan to stop him. If Mitchell wants to take the next step in his career he needs to become just as good in the playoffs as the regular season.
  2. Dillon Brooks, while a good defender, should learn to stop talking. For a guy who has no major accomplishments in his professional career he needs to stop talking trash about one of the greatest players ever. Is this another attempt by an athlete to take the stage through his mouth not on what he does on the court. BTW defending Lebron might work for a game or two but you can’t keep greatness down over the long haul even if it is thirty-eight years old.
  3. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are tremendous players however they have one inability and that’s availability. The Clippers probably will try again with them next year and with the new arena coming in two years try to keep them around.
  4. If the Celtics don’t apply more ball pressure and contest wide open threes they aren’t long for the playoffs. Their defense last year was light years better than this year. Whatever happened to Grant Williams, he used to be able to defend most players no matter their size. Perhaps using him as the drop man in the pick and roll and switching it putting him on Trae Young.
  5. I thought Miami needed more offense to beat Milwaukee. Boy was I wrong. it seems Jimmy Butler‘s tremendous play elevated everyone else on his team.
  6. Besides Donovan Mitchell’s play the Cleveland Cavaliers looked like the team not ready for prime time. In only the second game of the series did they look like a team that could win a game. In the other games the Knicks always were in control.
  7. The Knicks are a dangerous team. In a year where the favorites aren’t playing like favorites who know how far they can go.


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