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  1. Kemba Walker and Tom Thibodeau, if you try to read into this situation it makes little sense. Kemba didn’t completely lose his skills so why was Thibs benching him. This became apparent after his game against Boston Saturday night. A player doesn’t go from starting to the bench without seeing any time. I believe Kemba still has value as a twenty minute a game player and could help the Knicks. Was Thibs benching him because he didn’t want him last summer, possibly. Could he have been making a statement to upper management to get him the players that only he wants, possibly. The benching could cause Thibs to lose his team. Players want to win and when they see a player on the bench that can help them and he’s not playing, they aren’t happy. Will this hurt Thibs credibility in the locker room, we will see.
  2. Russell Westbrook – Like most fans of the NBA who have League Pass I like to look at a variety of games each night. Last night I watched some of the Bulls vs. Lakers game. I was surprised that with less than a minute left and his team trailing by a point Westbrook made a curious decision. He decided to bring the ball up and without passing to anyone, shoot. Why is this curious because he has one of the greatest decision makers and players on his team, LeBron James. With that little time left LeBron has to touch the ball on every possession. I don’t think there is any way LeBron is happy with Westbrook’s decision. I also don’t think the two playing together works.
  3. On the subject of the Lakers I find it interesting the rumors of Frank Vogel’s demise. I don’t think he is a top coach in the league but he did win a title with LA. The funny part is that the rumors are that David Fizdale will take over. If you get a chance, take a look at his career record as a head coach, it’s 71 – 134. If those rumors are true it makes no sense.
  4. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander might be the best player that only hard core NBA fans know about. Check out the two last second shots he took last week against the Pelicans and Clippers.
  5. After watching DeMar DeRozan this year and seeing how good he is I wonder where he’s been the last couple of years. I know he was with San Antonio but he seems unleashed this year and seems unstoppable from the mid range.
  6. As a Celtic fan that has seen just about all their games I’m wondering when if ever this team puts it together for an extended period of time. The team will show good quarters but always seems to have bad quarters in the same game. It wouldn’t surprise me if they put a nice winning streak together nor would it surprise me if they put a losing streak together.
  7. Lastly, as a fan it’s tiring to see any player play hero ball. This is especially annoying when it’s the last shot of a game and it’s win or lose. Players need to trust their teammates because this generation’s best player, LeBron, has always trusted his teammates and has been successful doing so.

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