Random Thoughts #4

  1. In the NBA defense wins. Probably the best way to exemplify this is to take a look at team stats. The stat I’ll use is points scored per one hundred possessions and points allowed. Presently Golden State is first and Phoenix is second defensively. They are arguably the two best teams in the league. Offensively Utah is first and Atlanta is second. Utah is a good team but Atlanta being second with their record tells you offense is not as important as defense.
  2. On the subject of Utah, there is no more of a confusing team than them. They seem to have plenty of offense. When you watch them you wonder if the team buys more into personal stats than they do winning.
  3. I believe the Cavaliers have a great future as a team. This year with all their injuries in the backcourt they will be challenged to be a non play in team. They could fix that if they go out and deal for another guard in addition to Rondo.
  4. Jaylen Brown‘s triple double Saturday night was great for the Celtics. If he and Tatum continue to move the ball and rack up assists it could only be a positive. They Celtics will begin to win more often. However, I still think they need one more scorer to become a top tier team.
  5. I don’t understand what Indiana is doing. Their owner is older and doesn’t want to go through a rebuild but teams that try to patch it as they go along seem to never become a top team. Presently Indiana has some assets that other teams want and trading them before their value decreases is their best option.
  6. On the subject of rebuilding a team Portland should be first in line. I don’t understand why they don’t want to trade Lillard. If you think about it Lillard is asking for a two year extension of over fifty million a year. This while he still has three more years on his present contract. Presently he is at his peak, how good will he be in three or four years. What team would trade for him. If he gets the extension not only would he not be worth the money as he ages but paying a fading star a large part of your cap makes it difficult to add players.
  7. Kyrie Irving is an interesting person. The players he played with love him but the fans don’t especially the fans in Boston, Cleveland and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn fans can change though if Brooklyn wins it all.

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