Raptors shred bucks apart

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From start to finish, the Milwaukee Bucks couldn’t answer the hungry Toronto Raptors. Every time the Bucks gained momentum, the Raptors knew exactly how to respond. From the start to finish, Toronto knew how to shut down Giannis Antetokounmpo only letting him score 23pts before fouling out in the fourth quarter. With the Bucks lacking consistency, the Raptors took full advantage and scored at will. Regardless of Kyle Lowry being out, the versatility of the Raptors offense and disruptive defense proved too much for the Bucks to handle.


Pascal Siakam was a key component in the Raptors win over the Bucks. With 27 points 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Siakam carried the Toronto Raptors to victory. Siakam showed this team does not rely on one player to win, even with Kyle Lowry out. He kept the momentum for the Raptors and commanded multiple key possessions, keeping the team involved.


The Bucks continue their 5-game losing streak and seemed lost to a team missing their starting PG, Lowry. While Jrue Holiday was out of the Bucks lineup, it didn’t seem to matter for the lackluster performance the team played. While most teams have a slump of losses throughout the year, there isn’t necessarily cause for the concern. The newly established Eastern Conference has a variety of new challenges and the top spot is more valuable then ever. A 5-game losing streak may not be the end of the world for most but with a division ranking that can change in a matter of a few games, it matters.


OG Anunoby had only 10 points but each one was a dagger in the chances of a comeback for the Bucks. Anunoby is a player who may not show his major contribution on a stat sheet, but with disruptive defensive plays and excellent shot selection. Regardless of statistics, Anunoby shows how valuable some players can be without making the highlight reel night after night. Players like Anunoby are what every team dreams of getting and fears playing against. His contribution to the Raptors win is a prime example of how each player’s value changes from each team.


Vs Oklahoma City Thunder, Friday, February 19th at 5:00PM Pacific

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