Russell West-Knick?


Stay Away

If you have been keeping up with the Lakers this season, then you’re probably aware of how bad of a season Russell Westbrook has been having. He has not been able to find his niche with the team. It’s likely he will part ways with Lakers during the summer. This can possibly be his consecutive offseason where he will be traded to a new team. There have been a number of teams (including the Knicks) that have been rumored as possible destinations for Westbrook. According to sources, The Knicks have no interest in bringing Westbrook to New York. Looks like the Knicks organization actually has some sense.

Now, if this trade came up five years ago, it would be foolish to not consider trading for him. Westbrook is a former MVP of the league. He was able to put together one of the greatest single season performances of all time. But, at this point in his career, it wouldn’t make any sense for the Knicks to trade for Russell Westbrook. He’s an aging guard that still is owed over $41 million dollars next season. He will not become a free agent until 2023. Also, with a young core the Knicks have for the future, including a ball dominant star with something to prove after a horrible season wouldn’t be ideal for the growth of the team. Ever since they have been getting more minutes throughout the past few games, young players such as Obi Toppin, Miles Mcbride, Immanuel Quickley, etc. have been playing well together.

Keep the Young Guns

In this type of situation, you want the young core to be familiar with each other and grow together. When you trade for a player like Westbrook, not only would you have to give up a couple of those players to acquire him. But you will also hinder the progression when he runs the offense. In this stage of his career, Westbrook needs a team that will give him the freedom to play the way he wants to. That doesn’t work with this Knicks team. Plus, with his inability to shoot from the perimeter, it shrinks the potential of the offense. In short, he messes up floor spacing.

If the Knicks are serious about adding a productive point guard to the team they need to go for one that can shoot and space the floor for the offense to work effectively. Adding Westbrook to the mix won’t accomplish that in no shape or form. Which is another reason why the Knicks should shy away from bringing him on board.

In the end, Russell Westbrook is a player that doesn’t cheat the game and gives it his all every night whether it’s good or bad. It’s a shame that his legacy will take a hit due to the season that he’s had with the Lakers. Hopefully he can find the right place where he can remind people how spectacular he still can be. But that place should not be in New York with the Knicks. They do need a point guard desperately but this isn’t the way to go and they know that. We’ll have to wait and see how both the Knicks and Westbrook’s situation will be handled in the summer.

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