Should New York Knicks Consider Trading Up From RJ Barrett?

There have been trade rumors surrounding RJ Barrett through the season. Should the Knicks move him for a potential star?

Since the Knicks almost traded to RJ Barrett in a deal for Donovan Mitchell during the 2022 off season there has been speculation that the Knicks can potentially use Barrett as an asset for a big trade in the future. As we know, the 5 draft picks that the Utah Jazz wanted in the Barrett and Mitchell trade talks was too big of an asking price for the Knicks which led them into keeping Barrett. Now even though this particular trade fell through, if a star player becomes available in the trade market that the Knicks are interested in RJ Barrett services will likely be involved in future trade negotiations.

The question is should that even be an option for the Knicks?

When it comes to what Barrett can do for the Knicks in the coming years, that can be a little tricky. Even though he’s on course to average 20 PPG for a 2nd straight season, his production has continued to be a bit inconsistent. One game he looks like a potential All Star and then the next game he struggles to hit more than 5 shots. Barrett’s potential to be even better is still very possible due to the fact that he’s still only 22 years old but it’s also risky passing up on a star that can change the complexion of the franchise. It really comes down to the type of star the Knicks could be interested in.

A Bulls Star

According to sources, The Knicks were involved in trade talks with the Bulls about star guard Zach LaVine before this seasons trade deadline. LaVine would defintely be an upgrade at the guard position over Barrett but he might not be worth the draft capital the Bulls were asking for at the deadline. The best thing the Knicks should do is just wait and see what star wants to be traded. The Phoenix Suns is a perfect example of this, as they had Kevin Durant on their radar for months before making the deal.

If the Knicks are looking to move Barrett in a big deal, they need to get a superstar caliber in return that can instantly put the Knicks back into contention. RJ Barrett is still a good young player with a lot of promise but if he doesn’t take his game to the next level soon, it might be time to put all of these assets together and go all in on a superstar.

Only time will tell how this can turn out.




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