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Even though Reddish is currently sidelined with an ankle sprain, should he eventually be put in the starting lineup this season?

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Earlier this week, The Knicks were able to make a strong move by acquiring F Cam Reddish in a trade from the Atlanta Hawks. It was rumored that he will be traded before the deadline and the Knicks decided that taking a chance on a young and improving player was the right way to go. Reddish is a great addition to this team because of his ability to stretch the floor, create his own shot, and shoot the ball efficiently. His length on the defensive can also be useful especially playing under a defensive specialist like Coach Thibodeau. Reddish is likely to play a big role on this team once he comes back from his injury. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to work him into the starting lineup instead of just being a valuable bench player.

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As we know, Reddish is not the only Knick that has caught the injury bug. Both Derrick Rose and Kemba Walker are also out with injuries timetable of a return. Hopefully,once they are healthy and ready to go, Reddish should be a player that eventually gets into the starting lineup. I’m not advocating that the Knicks just throw him in there as soon as he is healthy.

But it should be something that they keep in mind. This move can ultimately make the Knicks more versatile on the defensive end. And it allows R.J Barrett to play the shooting guard, which is his natural position. Plus, with Reddish and Barrett being former teammates at Duke, it gives both them the opportunity to regain some chemistry on the court. These two are key parts to the young core that the Knicks are building. So the more they play together and steadily build chemistry, the better it would be for the team going forward.

 Now, this role won’t just be handed to Reddish once he gets back. Thibodeau is the type of coach that will make him earn it but if he plays well coming off of the injury, I will make the move as soon as possible. In the end, even though this is just some wishful thinking, it can potentially be a decision that can elevate this team to another level. In the meantime, we shall wait patiently for Reddish to return and make his Knick debut.

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