Swat it to the cheap seats; Cheer like your hair is on fire

Swat And Cheer

Welcome to swat it to the cheap seats, and cheer like your hair is on fire. My weekly column of Dikembe Mutombo finger wags, and Stadium shaking cheers. Each week I take something I don’t like and “swat it to the cheap seats“. Then In order to retain balance, and honor the basketball god’s appropriately, we also “cheer like our hair is on fire” for something each week. So, let’s get to it, for week #5.

Swat!:Kyrie Still Sitting Out

Watching the Brooklyn Vs. Golden State game this Tuesday I found myself being disappointed. The source of my disappointment was also apparently a source for Stephen A. Smith as well. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. When did I suddenly become the hot take guy? I also definitely don’t consider myself on SAS’s level. He’s the sportscasting GOAT, as far as I’m concerned.

No Swat Yet, Just Respect

Very few people can pull off what he does. I may not find it to my personal liking, but I can’t help but admire his work. He has nerves of steel and probably challenges Steve Harvey as one of the hardest working people in show business. He is overflowing with passion.

Just watch the man at work. If you can get past the feeling that he’s yelling at you, you will see a true artist of anger.

Now We Swat For Real!

Originally I was almost as harsh with my language when chatting with my writing colleagues. I said Kyrie Irving is robbing fans. On further examination, I have softened my position though. I actually have always respected Kyrie’s position about them not being beholden to just be “on” all the time, as players. That being said he does have a contract he signed to play basketball. It would be nice if we could just see him actually play. He’s in his prime still and he’s an absolute artist with his hands on the basketball. One of the best ball handlers and scorers I’ve ever seen.

So, I no longer thinks he’s robbing fans. I do feel very disappointed as a fan though.

The Game on Tuesday would have been so much better if Kyrie was playing. Not only that, this game is a potential finals preview. Seven games of Steph vs. Kyrie would be amazing to watch. It’s really disappointing that we’re not going to get that.

So, this week I want to swat the fact that Kyrie is still sitting out. Get that (Bleep) out of here!

Cheer!: The First Big Win Streak

Hidden among all the media attention for the Warriors, Nets and Lakers, the Phoenix Suns are on a ten game winning streak. Winning streaks are hard to come by in the NBA. A lot of teams will string together nice 5-7 game win streaks. Breaking ten is a feat not often seen. It’s usually a sign of an elite team. It’s still a long way from the long standing record of thirty three by the 1971-72 Lakers, but it’s still something that deserves to be cheered like our hair is on fire.


Chris Paul doing crazy things out there (via TheAthletic/tw) #ChrisPaul #PhoenixSuns #Nba #ForYou

♬ original sound – Suns Nation
Careful defenders CP3 is slick

Congrats Phoenix! We’ll get to see how elite you are at the end of the month. You have back to back games against the Warriors on Nov 30th and Dec 2nd. Home and away. Sounds like must see TV to me. The Warriors are starting to look like the sleeping giant has awoken, and returned to full form.

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