The Nets Double Edged Sword


The Nets have shown amazing performances and talent but have also shown injuries and bad habits. Will the Nets succeed or will be forced to tank this season?

One of the biggest problems for this squad is efficiency. Most games they average over 45% from the field, but has fallen to 29% in the first quarter vs the Clippers. This Nets Squad is struggling from behind the arc. They attempt 40.1 three point attempts per game, with only making 15.6 per game. 

The Nets hold one of the worst percentages in the league with corner threes; shooting only 38.7%. The corner three is known to be the easiest three point shot around the arc.

The team is struggling right now with injuries. Thomas, Claxton and Simmons are just three of 8 Nets that have missed at least one game this season from injury. It is hard to control this aspect in the league; unfortunately it could make or break a team’s success. The Nets have to focus on keeping their players healthy or it can ruin an attempt for a deep playoff run. 

Is Thomas Hurting or Helping

Cam Thomas is one of if not the best scorer on the Nets, and the franchise has a lot to think about when it comes to him. He can definitely go out and get a bucket but does it take away from the team?

In the 10 games Thomas has scored 30+, 7 were losses and only a sad 3 of them were wins. Out of those three wins though 2 of them the Nets were only up by one possession. You can blame the performances of the rest of the team but Thomas’s scoring could be the reason.

Nets fans and NBA fans say Thomas should start or get more time on the court. But if they realize this terrible stat, could change their mind. Every team needs a leader, but in Thomas’s situation he is taking majority of the shots which is leading the Nets down, not up. 

Will the Nets fix their bad habits or be left in the dust? I guess we will find out as the season is ongoing. They can be an amazing team but the numbers don’t lie and they need to fix it before it is too late.

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