The Trade Deadline: Suns Needs, and Capitalizing on This Year’s Team


In the NBA trades are about as common as fouls, and free throws. Every year we see a team making moves to better their chances at winning a title. However, not every trade turns out as successful as hoped. On top of that, so many other factors play a part in whether or not a player will make a good trade target or if he can even be traded at all.
Many fans talk trade negotiations around the deadline with little to no knowledge on what all goes into making them successful. For example cap space is a very important factor when deciding who to target and on the other hand who you can deal. Also players who recently signed new contracts cannot be traded or even shopped around until December 15th. Then there are players with no-trade clauses in their contracts. These players can veto trades to teams that they don’t want to play for, or just refuse to be traded at all. (This is not to be confused with a no-trade protection).

Why The Suns Need to Trade for a Shooter

For the Suns this year has gone about as well as they could have hoped. They are the only team in the league without double-digit losses and are the current NBA Finals favorites. Nonetheless, no team is without faults and the Suns have a chance to correct one of their biggest faults this year. Shooting from the perimeter has been their worst enemy, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get better until changes are made. Changes that I would argue aren’t optional if they want to make it to their second straight Finals appearance. The Phoenix Suns from deep rank among the worst in the league with a 3 point percentage of 31.7%. This total is considerably worse than last year where they were nearly at 40%.

Trade Talk: Buddy Hield

Buddy Heild is a player who comes to mind and has been in trade talks for a few years now. He doesn’t appear to want to be in Sacramento any longer and his three point shot has been money for a while now. If a move is made before February 10th, Heild is a great player to pursue. He is the fastest player to reach 1,000 3-pointers in NBA history. He also set the single season record for 3’s for a King’s player.

On the left the Suns receive G Buddy Heild
On the right the Kings receive a 2023 1st, a 2024 2nd, Shamet and four other players.

Trade Talk: Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic is a 35 year old veteran point guard for the Toronto Raptors. He is a 1-time Most Improved Player of the year, 1-time All-NBA 3rd team and 1 time NBA All-star who in that same year was 16th in MVP shares. Last year he averaged about 43% from the field, 37% from 3 and 14 ppg. During his time in Miami he played very well never falling below double digit point and hitting 20 per game one year. He was drafted to the Suns in 2008 then played in Phoenix once again in 2012 after a two year hiatus. He’s familiar with the organization, he’s familiar with the culture, and his roots are still here which gives him a little more incentive to pick us as a landing spot.

On the left the Suns receive G Goran Dragic
On the right the Raptors receive a 2022 2nd round pick, a 2024 2nd rounder, and several players.

Trade Talk: Eric Gordon

A former top 10 pick in the draft and a 1-time Sixth-Man of the Year award winner. Eric Gordon a 33 year old veteran point guard for the Houston Rockets is finding his way into trade talks. He has been a good voice to the younger players, and a decent addition to the team. However, the team is in an obvious rebuild and is looking for future picks in exchange for the former 3-point contest champion. The Suns are a good landing spot for the 6’3” guard given his still respectable long-range shot, and his ties to the super-star point guard Chris Paul. You can never have enough level headed seasoned veterans, and you can never have enough shooters.

On the left the Suns receive G Eric Gordon
On the left the Rockets receive a 2023 1st and 3 players.

Tight Window

The championship window in Phoenix is very small. Despite the success of these last two years; The Suns could be looking at their best chance to win a title and possibly their only. The reason is simple:

  • Chris Paul is only getting older
  • Deandre Ayton could be gone next year
  • Devin Booker is in his prime and needs to be utilized to his full potential NOW
  • The Suns front office is under fire by the league and could be sold if the allegations are found to be true
  • The fans are as rowdy, and fired up as they’ll ever be. The whole country is behind the Suns.

Bottom line, the trade will get us closer to our goal, and we need to take advantage of this opportunity before the 10th comes around and we get stuck with Landry Shamet or Abdel Nader in the playoffs versus a red-hot Grizzlies team or a Klay and Steph lead Warriors team. The window for a Championship run is now.

Full explanation of the NBA trade deadline:

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