Timberwolves Slip by Spurs to win 127-121

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Star of the Game

Coming down to the final seconds, Minnesota managed to hold off San Antonio to log a win late in the season. Unfortunately, since Denver also won, the Timberwolves have been locked into the seventh seed, and the play-in tournament. Against San Antonio, though, Anthony Edwards stole the show. With 49 points (shooting 16/28 with 6 threes), eight assists and a steal. Edwards has been playing with a lot more aggression lately, hopefully it carries over into the post season.

Biggest Concern

Over the last six games, the Timberwolves defense has allowed opponents to score an average of 129 per game. Although the wolves have outscored the other team in three of those six games, this is not a very effective strategy. An offensive shootout is not ideal when compared to a lockdown defense. Earlier in the season, Minnesota managed to pull off a system like this, having a top ten defense and a highly efficient offense. It is not necessary for them to choose one or the other, what they need to do is focus on both.

Number of the Night

While Karl-Anthony Towns also had a dominant game, the real difference maker was Patrick Beverley. Though Beverley only scored eight points (shooting 3/8 from the field), his presence was felt all over the rest of the court. He finished the game with five rebounds, eight assists, one steal, and two blocks. When asked about what was the difference between the game against the Spurs and the game against the Wizards, Beverley said: “I played.”

Next Game

The Timberwolves will take on the Chicago Bulls for the final game of the regular season on Sunday at 7:30 CST.

Timberwolves Slip by Spurs Timberwolves Slip by Spurs Timberwolves Slip by Spurs Timberwolves Slip by Spurs

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