Western Conference Power Rankings – Week 11

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In what was a short week leading up the NBA All-Star weekend, well NBA All-Star day, there wasn’t a lot of movement in the rankings. In fact, there weren’t a lot of NBA games played. Only 23 games among the 15 teams in the Western Conference. There was some movement in the middle of the pack in Week 11 with Denver, Portland and Dallas all moving up a single spot. The Warriors played once and lost. That loss dropped them two spots in our rankings.

Because of the short week and the overall lack of movement, we will forego the biggest movers and losers. With the NBA trade deadline in the horizon March 25th the possibility of big names changes teams should have an impact in the rankings. We don’t cover the Eastern Conference here but now that Blake Griffin has found a new home in Brooklyn things out East could get interesting. Who else moved? What other team with Championship aspirations pulls the triggers on a big trade? This is why we are fans of the game. Let the second half of the season begin!

Until then, here are how the teams ended before the All-Star, um, day.

Week 11 Western Conference Power Rankings

NBA Western Conference Power Rankings Week

The Strength of Schedule Western Conference Power Rankings are a points based ranking method developed by thePeachBasket. In short, points are awarded for wins and losses. The better the team you beat, the more points you earn. It’s simple and takes the opinion out of Power Rankings. It’s math and its brought to you by thePeachBasket, Voice of the Fan!(tm)

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