Western Conference Power Rankings – Week 16

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Week 16 in the NBA was an interesting one. We had one team have a perfect week while two went winless. While both winless teams dropped a notch or two, the team that went unbeaten didn’t move. It highlights the fact that it’s easier to fall in the standings than it is to move up. Interestingly, the biggest gap is between the #1 and #2 spot, the Utah Jazz are going to be hard to knock off from the top spot, and the #13 and bottom two spots. Sadly, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Houston Rockets seem to be destined to hold up the rest of the Conference until the end of the season. The teams in the middle, between spots 3-13 will jockey for position through to the start of the playoffs.

Week 16 – Biggest Movers

While the Los Angeles Clippers (4-0) were the only team not to lose in week 16, it was the New Orleans Pelicans (2-2) that moved up 2 spots. The catalyst for that move up was their victory over the #1 team in the East, Philadelphia 76ers. The Pelicans were supposed to be contenders this season but they did not start out that way. It looks like they may have started to play the way everyone expected them to play. If so, they will be a tough match-up for any team once the playoffs start.

New Orleans Pelicans


Week 16 – Biggest Droppers

Both the Sacramento Kings (0-3) and Oklahoma City Thunder (0-4) went 0 for the week. It was that extra game and loss that dropped them 2 spots while the Kings only dropped one. Of their 4 losses in week 16 two were Bad Losses. Those are losses to bad teams on your home court. Those losses to the Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers earned them extra 0 points. In our math based, strength of schedule rankings, 0 points is really bad. They cost the Thunder 2 spots this week.

Oklahoma City Thunder


Week 16 Western Conference Power Rankings

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The Strength of Schedule Western Conference Power Rankings are a points based ranking method developed by thePeachBasket. In short, points are awarded for wins and losses. The better the team you beat, the more points you earn. It’s simple and takes the opinion out of Power Rankings. It’s math and its brought to you by thePeachBasket, Voice of the Fan!(tm)

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