Western Conference Power Rankings – Week 9

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We are at that point in the season where you won’t see big movements either way. At least, most teams hope you don’t see big movements either way, especially down. The cream of the Western Conference has risen to the top and will likely stay near there the rest of the way. The teams near the bottom are a perfect 4-0 week from moving up, but they are down at the bottom for a reason. In week 9 we have just a few teams moving with no change in the two top spots.

The Los Angeles based teams flip-flopped. In an oddity brought to you in this odd season, neither the San Antonio Spurs nor Dallas Mavericks played in Week 9. Despite that, the Mavericks moved up 2 points. Yes, it’s odd, but by not playing the Mavericks didn’t earn or lose points. Those teams that did play and lost dropped while the Mavs stayed put.

What and odd, odd season.

Week 9 – Biggest Movers

The Dallas Mavericks, as referenced earlier, had a 0-0 week. Not playing meant they didn’t lose, so that’s a good thing. It’s actually brilliant strategy, take a week off and let other teams play and lose! The Mavericks are clearly playing chess…

Dallas Mavericks


Week 9 – Biggest Droppers

The Los Angeles Lakers started what could be a difficult road ahead without Anthony Davis going 1-2 last week. The Memphis Grizzlies went 2-2 and dropped two spots. The Western Conference is unforgiving.

Memphis Grizzlies


Los Angeles Lakers


NBA Western Conference Power Rankings Week

The Strength of Schedule Western Conference Power Rankings are a points based ranking method developed by thePeachBasket. In short, points are awarded for wins and losses. The better the team you beat, the more points you earn. It’s simple and takes the opinion out of Power Rankings. It’s math and its brought to you by thePeachBasket, Voice of the Fan!(tm)

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