What The Nets Need To Focus On To Win


The Brooklyn Nets have abundance of potential, but will they work to reach the stars or stay on the ground?

The Nets have huge potential; being one of the best young squads in the league. But they have a lot to work on to show what they are made of. One main key that could help them is another veteran player, in addition to Spencer Dinwiddie, who is their oldest player at 30-years-old. 

The Nets need a vet that has deep playoff/championship experience to give them the necessary knowledge that’s on every successful team. If they add a vet like Al Horford, Jeff Green or Dwight Howard, they can educate the younger star on situations and experiences that none of them have been through yet. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie 

The Nets have the worst corner three percentage in the league. In the debut Bucks game, the Nets shot a mere 3-11(27.2%) from corner three. This is terrible for this Nets squad because they are huge 3-point shooters. Shooting 40.1 threes per game and making 15.5 of them per game.

As a fan I feel they do settle for a lot of threes, and need to either focus and keep working on their shooting or try to cut back. Watching the debut Bucks vs Nets game, I saw a good portion of their missed 3-pointers come from wide open shots. 

These wide open misses are a big reason they can’t finish with an exclamation point. Luckily for them this is an aspect of the game that can be fixed rather easily. They need to keep watching films and realize the opportunities they have aside from behind the arc. If they don’t end up switching that aspect, then they should form their practice like games. By doing this they will form better habits, and show the fans what they want to see.

The Leadership Battle 

The Nets leadership needs to solidify and stop being passed from player to player. Some games Simmons leads, others it is Bridges or Thomas. If they solidify their leadership role, players can form better into the roles needed to win; compared to everyone doing their own thing.

This problem is going to be harder to fix, but if it is, then they can not just grow as a team but insure they aren’t just a play-in or first round exit. If they don’t fix these problems, they can still be a play-in team that wins around 35-40 games. The question is will they settle for a piece of cake or take the whole thing?

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