When Will The Lakers Burn Those Ugly Blue Jerseys?

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The Sixers beat the defending champions last night but at first glance you would have thought the Sixers were playing the Dallas Mavericks, or Duke, not the Los Angeles Lakers. When was the last time you saw the Yankees completely change their colors, or the Cowboys or Alabama or LSU or the Celtics? You rarely see historically dominate championship winning teams completely change their colors, why? Because of the uplifting winning tradition and pride those colors bring to the players who wear them and the fear that those colors bring to their opponents. That Lakers purple and gold means something. Players are not scared of the white and blue, but they are terrified of the gold and purple, the same way players are still intimidated by seeing the Boston Celtics green and white clover. Speaking of the Celtics, when was the last time you saw the Celtics completely change their colors? I cannot think of anytime, but maybe they have. [Editors Note: Every Celtics alternative jersey has green on it!] Seeing historical team colors and team names, brings generational intimidation. It doesn’t matter if the Celtics were in last place, the opposing team seeing that Celtic jersey is going to scare them a little no matter what, because of the history behind the Celtic name.

The Lakers are not the Dodgers. They are the Lakers.

Not wearing those colors will most definitely have a psychological effect on their opponents, mentally they are no longer playing the LA Lakers, they are playing the Mavericks or the Jazz. Watch Nature on PBS or a National Geographic documentary, the animal kingdom knows to stay away from animals that have certain color patterns, how? Millions of years of killing, have instinctively given certain colors power and cause fear over animals that see them. There are even non venomous snakes who have genetically changed their color patterns over time to mimic poisonous snakes and this nonpoisonous snake has thrived specifically because it has the same color pattern as the poisonous snake. Predators fear and stay away from it just because of its colors. So there is something visually and psychologically to this. The Lakers changing their colors has an effect. So far this season, since I have noticed this color change the Lakers have lost both games I have seen them not wearing purple and gold. I will continue to keep track of this as a little science project, I find it fascinating and I hope the Lakers burn those ugly blue jerseys today.

Do I think that the Lakers would have beat the Sixers last night if they were wearing purple and gold? Yea, I do. Danny Green would have gotten scared and choked like he did in the Finals last year against the Heat and bricked all those threes he made last night, but no. Ole Danny Boy thought he was scrimmaging against Duke scrubs like J.J. Redick last night and went off on the Lakers hitting four crucial three pointers. I’m kidding, but only slightly. Regardless of the colors, the Lakers were exploited in the paint last night Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris combined for 69 points and 24 rebounds. Even Dwight Howard who only played seven minutes grabbed four rebounds, the Lakers are weak in the paint.

Laker Nation should not be worried, yet. It was just one game during a long road trip. I just pray LeBron James stays healthy and that Frank Vogel does not push LeBron James to hard because if LBJ pops a tire and gets injured, say goodbye to back to back championships. This Lakers team is terrible without him on the court, even if they were wearing purple and gold.

Go Lakers.

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