Why Does Anthony Davis Want To Shoot Three’s? He Needs A Hook Shot.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Anthony Davis needs an automatic hook shot, not a three point shot. So, why does he want to shoot threes?

What is it with centers wanting to be shooting guards? Davis has said he is focusing this off season on developing an outside three point shot when he needs to develop a hook shot. I know the game has changed since Shaq, where traditional centers stayed in the paint, that was their role, their niche. The game has evolved towards players like Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitski, outside shooting centers. I wonder if Dirk would have won more championships if he had developed a hook shot, instead of his signature knee out fade away jump shot. I know people will say that was not his game, but isn’t it the coach’s job to help the player develop new and different skills?

So, I get it that Davis wants to shoot the three because that is the NBA now, shoot threes and get dunks. No one throws it into the center anymore to get a buzzer beating hook shot, except in the Finals. For example this last year with the injury plagued Warriors, if Boogie Cousins would have made some layups in crunch time, the Warriors might have another ring. Are centers practicing those baby hook lay ups anymore? I don’t think so. No one does the Kareem sky hook, not good anyway, and no one makes it consistently. When the game is on the line now everyone wants to make a Jordan push off jumper to win the game, even the centers.

You know, not everyone can be Kevin Durant and that’s okay. Durant is a one of a kind shooting center, but just like Dirk, he has no post game. The vast majority of centers need to focus on the paint and let the guards shoot the three ball. Bring back the sky hook Anthony and bring back a championship to the Lakers.

Remember Dwight, you NEVER shoot unless it is a wide open dunk attempt, because a lay up is out of your range, let alone a three.

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