2021 NBA MOCK DRAFT (+ Video)

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There are multiple ways to build an NBA team including smart trades and pure old-fashioned luck. But, at it’s core, there are really only two ways. One is to attract free agents, the other is to draft wisely. Free agents are easy to attract, assuming your franchise is either near an ocean or otherwise has a rich history of winning. That leaves out any franchise in Minnesota, Oklahoma City, Detroit, Sacramento and countless others.

Is that fair? No. Is it the way it is? Yes!

Draft Wisely

So, how do franchises in cities not near the surf and with no history of winning build? They have to draft wisely! Drafting wisely is such a loaded term. Sometimes, for some teams, that means bringing in a player that can have an impact immediately . Think LeBron James, Magic Johnson or Zio Williamson, among several others. Players like that epitomize a wise draft pick! But sometimes, it’s less about the player selected and more about the number of picks you have accumulated. Those picks have value, regardless of who may or may not be available when those picks become people.

The NBA draft is where NBA Executives earn their money.

The top players in this years draft are Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Green and Jalen Suggs. It’s very possible that these will be household names in a few seasons. Of course, it’s also possible that they are still floundering after not being able to adjust to the NBA game. You just don’t know! Which is what makes the NBA draft so amazing. It is equal parts a lottery, a guessing game, a reality TV show and a payoff for teams that keep picks and trade them for a safer known player over the unknown of the draft.

What will your favorite team do with it’s pick, assuming they have one? The NBA draft is on Thursday, July 29. Tune in to find out! Nik is one of our Fan Experts and has his thoughts in the video below. Do you agree?

Do you have a story about your favorite team? Why do you bleed purple, or green, or blue? Let us know. thePeachBasket was created to be the Voice of the Fan! Every fan has a story. What’s yours?



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