Anatomy of an NBA trade – Philadelphia 76ers

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Trade Anatomy Philadelphia 76ers – What I Like

Philly got the best player in the deal in James Harden and overall they improved as a team. Replacing Ben Simmons at 0 minutes per game with James Harden at even 80% his peak is a huge upgrade. Harden is worlds better than any other player mentioned in potential Ben Simmons trades (CJ McCollum, De’Aaron Fox, etc…). Embiid won’t have to carry the offense every night and Harden will play with a dynamic big man for the first time in his career. Harden should thrive playing with Embiid in the pick and roll. Embiid has the ability to play in and outside the paint so James will have plenty of room to operate on dribble drives. One of James Hardens biggest weaknesses is his lack of movement off the ball. This won’t be an issue with the Sixers, because the offense doesn’t particularly move much once Embiid has the ball in the post. All Harden has to do is be ready to catch and shoot.

The Sixers were also able to hold on to Matisse Thybulle (who was originally part of the trade). Thybulle is an important part of Phillies defense and he is developing as a shooter. He has the potential to be the best 3 and D player in the league if he unlocks his 3pt shot.

Trade Anatomy Philadelphia 76ers – What I Don’t Like

I feel that the Philadelphia 76ers gave up a little too much in the deal. Curry was their best shooter and had a very in tuned two-man game with Embiid. Drummond was the only rebounder and rim defender in the second unit. I would have like the deal better if they got Patty Mills. Mills is a slight down grade from Curry, but he a very capable shooter and scorer. Paul Milsap doesn’t offer much at this point in his career, LaMarcus Aldridge or Blake Griffin would have been a better choices as a rotational big.

Perspective Additions

I would like to see Philly pick up a player or two on the buyout market. The Sixers should target a shooter/playmaker like Goran Dragic, Ben McLemore and Rodney Hood. Secondly a strong rebounder like Robin Lopez, Tristan Thompson or Juancho Hernangomez would fit well coming off the bench.

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Trade Anatomy Philadelphia 76ers Trade Anatomy Philadelphia 76ers

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