Anatomy of an NBA Trade – Washington Wizards

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Trade Deadline Recap

Wizards fans were a little nervous as the 3 pm (Eastern Time) trade deadline approached. While other teams were making moves, Tommy Sheppard and the Wizards’ front office were a little quiet. But as the deadline approached, the Wizards finally made their moves. Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans were traded to the Dallas Mavericks in exhange for Kristaps Porzingis and a second round pick. Montrezl Harrell was traded to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Veron Carey Jr and Ish Smith.

Trade Anatomy Washington Wizards – What I like

I don’t have anything against Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans. But they just weren’t getting the job done in Washington. Which is a shame because I think both guys are solid NBA players. The Spencer Dinwiddie I saw at the beginning of this season, that’s the guy I thought he was going to be throughout the year. But for some reason, he couldn’t get back to that level or close to it.

With Davis Bertans, he just didn’t evolve as a player. When you sign a big contract like Bertans did back in 2020, you are now near the top of team’s scouting reports. Before Bertans arrived in DC, he was known around the league as a shooter. After his breakout season in 2019-2020, he was now KNOWN around the league as a shooter. There’s a difference. With big money comes more attention from other team’s defensive game plan. Once you sign that big deal, it becomes a matter of whether or not you can adjust. Unfortunately for Bertans, he couldn’t adjust. His production declined during the 2021 season, and it declined even further this season.

Getting a more draft picks back in also a positive, and I like that Washington brought back Ish Smith. The team is familiar with him, and Smith is a good veteran presence to have on your team. Especially on a team that is going to be without Bradley Beal for the rest of the season.

Trade Anatomy Washington Wizards – What I don’t like

I liked what Montrezl Harell brought to the team. He plays the game with such energy and tenacity. I wanted him to stay on the team just for those intangibles that he brings. But it was a move the Wizards needed to make. They had too many players who are capable of playing big minutes in their frontcourt. A move had to made in order to have a more established rotation.

Kristaps Porzingis is a good NBA player. My main concern is that, having him on the team might cut into the playing time of either Rui Hachimura or Thomas Bryant. I feel like both of those guys need to be on the court more because of the potential they have. If Porzingis is healthy, he’s most likely going to start. But I rather see Hachimura or Bryant in the starting lineup. At least one of those guys in the starting lineup.

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Trade Anatomy Washington Wizards Trade Anatomy Washington Wizards


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