Blazers end Wizards’ winning streak


Before I talk about the game

With Wes Unseld Jr out for Saturday night’s game against the Blazers, Pat Delaney assumed the head coaching position for the Wizards. Delaney in his first game as a head coach for the Wizards, did a decent job. The Wizards’ ended up losing the game, but they were able to cut into an 18 point deficit to make it a 6 point game with 1:02 remaining in the game. As fans we like to give head coaches a lot of blame when things don’t go well, and I am guilty of this myself. But the reality is that coaching NBA basketball is a challenge. Especially if it’s your first time in the head coaching spot for a team. Delaney did a decent job and I wanted to point that out.

Onto the Game

The main positive point was that without Bradley Beal in the lineup, Washington was able to get 44 points from their second unit. A sign that the team has plenty of depth, which allows them to stay afloat without their best player. We know that about the Wizards at this point in the season.

Unfortunately, when you turn the ball over 20 times as a team, that’s going to hurt you. You just can’t be that careless with the basketball. Turnovers just takes away from any offensive momentum you are trying to build as a team. Washington didn’t have a hard time scoring the basketball in this game. But as a team, when you go on a scoring run to get back in the game only to have a bad turnover, that annoys you. When it happens on more than a few occasions, it can get to you.

With a 115-110 loss to Portland, Washington is now 22-21 on the season. Washington is currently on a 8 game homestand, and have 5 more games remaining at Capital One Arena. They are currently 2-1 on this homestand. I don’t see the loss to Portland as a bad loss. Washington was without their head coach and best player. Both Pat Delaney and the team had to adjust on the fly. I know with Covid, that’s just how things are sometimes. But it’s hard for me to see this as a bad loss.

Star of the Game

Anfernee Simons got buckets against the Wizards. Simons scored 31 points on 11 for 21 shooting from the field and 7 for 14 shooting from three. To make matters worse for Washington, Simons also dished out 11 assists.

Biggest Concern

Turnovers. Take care of the basketball!!

Number of the Night

5. That’s how many fast break points Portland had. Which to me is amazing, given how much Washington turned the ball over. Turnovers usually leads to fast break points. But somehow Washington prevented that from happening.

Next Game

The Wizards will take on the Sixers at Capital One Arena on Monday, January 17th at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

Blazers end Wizards’ winning streak Blazers end Wizards’ winning streak Blazers end Wizards’ winning streak

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