Cashing Earl “The Pearl” Monroe – Update 1

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The quest to WIN an Autographed NBA Earl Monroe Basketball is on! An update of the June thePeachBasket NBA Pick’EM LEADERBOARD.

We are off to the races! thePeachBasket is poised to give away an autographed HOF basketball. All you need to do is finish at the top of the June LEADERBOARD of NBA Pick’EM Free 2 Play contest. (You also need to be following @thePeachBasket_ on Twitter and Subscribed to @thePeachBasket on YouTube)

It is fairly simple to participate! Join any alternative NBA & WNBA alternative fantasy basketball game and make picks. Rank your picks in order of confidence. Earn points for picks that become correct and complete in games of 8. The individual with the most points from correct picks WINS.

GM 2 Miami Heat Vs. Denver Nuggets

The first handful of June days have been completed. The month is early but the first game I was able to lock in on was GM 2 of the 2023 NBA finals. It was complete domination by TPBMarc! The MIA Heat have showed 2023 road playoff Moxy from their initial series against the Milwaukee Bucks. The team had an off shooting night in GM 1 but in my Game Day Preview article a few things stuck out.

  1. Denver Nuggets Coach did not like the performance of his team despite the game’s final score. You can not fault the Nuggets for feeling a little overconfident as they have rolled in all HOME playoff games. (9-0 record prior to loosing last night)
  2. A message of confidence coming from Miami Coach Eric Spoelstra and Jimmy Butler. A ton of open looks for Miami in GM 1. If they had fallen, the complexion of this game could have been different. I just thought that the same looks would be available to for Miami in GM 2.

For these reasons I loaded up on bounce back Miami selections.

Key Heat Vs. Nuggets Stats the Lead TPBMarc to Victory

It is so important to hit your top picks! Gabe Vincent went 4-6 from beyond the arch which booked me 10 pts. Jimmy Butler being able to dish out 9 assists notched another 9 pts. An additional 15 points were earned from Mas Strus having a bound back night. In the opener of this best of 7 series Max had gone 0-9 from three point land and finished with 0 points. The GM 2 stat line told quite a different tale. 12 of his 14 points came from downtown!

Initial June NBA Pick’EM update

Go ahead and put the community on notice that TPBMarc is going to be a tough one to take down. Two contest wins already but JoseAgain3 trails by only one game.


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