Celtics Eat Their Lucky Charms Against Clippers


The Los Angeles Clippers (24-13) got swept in their season series versus the Boston Celtics (18-17) last night by a score of 117-112 at TD Garden. The Clippers were informed that their best player Kawhi Leonard would not be available just prior to the game due to back spasms. There was some thought that he may be able to come off the bench. But, that did not turn out to be the case. If he had played the Clippers very likely would have won this game. Even without him they very nearly did.

LAC even lost one another one of their key players in Marcus Morris Sr. just before halftime. Morris was out due to a concussion he endured off of the elbow of Jaylen Brown. But, they were still able to keep it a close game throughout. In fact, they took a 1 point lead into the fourth. The game was there to be had with a minute to go, but the Clips rushed on some good looks and kept coming up short. That led to their second losing streak of the year and Boston getting over .500.


Even though Boston won, I am going to give it to Paul George. PG13 stepped up in the absence of Kawhi and put in a game high 32 points along with 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and a steal. The team looked to him early and often and he answered the call. With him being the focus of the offense, the Clips were able to keep this game competitive. He scored a three pointer late in the game to put the game within reach. But, he came up short on several other shots in the final minute or else LAC would have won this game.

George was the best player on the floor last night as he tried to make up for his collapse at the end of the previous game against the Milwaukee Bucks. He very nearly made up for it with his play, but ultimately the story remained the same. A shout-out should still go out to Kemba Walker and his 25 points, with 6 out of 12 3 pointers. You can call me sour/bitter or a Clippers homer if you want, but he just did not look all that great to me to get star of the game.


I could once again go on about late game execution since they lost another close one. But, I actually think they did execute better than they did in the previous game. They got the shots they wanted, they just missed them. It’s a make or miss league, and yesterday the Celtics must have had their Lucky Charms for breakfast. The Clippers came up with misses exactly when Boston needed them to. Instead I am going to say that once again it is the health of Kawhi Leonard.

Whenever this guy-or anyone on the Clippers for that matter- stubs their toe, gets a paper cut, or has a bad hair day they seem to miss a prolonged period of time. I know that long term health is of the upmost concern, but so should team chemistry. Kawhi has missed a plethora of games over the past 2 seasons and it is getting increasingly aggravating. Basketball fans tune in to see the best players play, and it is annoying af when they don’t.


I very nearly went with Reggie Jackson who put up 25 points, 3 rebounds, and assists in his start in place of Kawhi. But in the end since the Clippers lost so he’ll just get an honorable mention. He didn’t know he was starting until right before the tip and he stepped up and helped the Clippers to nearly win. Instead I am going to go with Boston’s Payton Pritchard and his 14 points off the bench.

He made 4 out of 7 3 pointers and all 4 of them were big as they helped swing the momentum or keep it for his team. Last night was an off one for Boston’s best player Jayson Tatum. So they were going to need contributions from another source in order to come away with the win. They were able to get it from Pritchard. Even after the Clippers previous loss to the C’s, I still had no idea who this guy was coming into this game. I know who he is now, and I assure you the Clippers do too.

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Celtics Eat Celtics Eat Celtics Eat

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