Clippers sweep the Battle of L.A.

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Anthony Davis attempts a reverse lay-up on Kawhi Leonard, and Ivica Zubac

First Quarter

The battle of L.A. is underway at Staples Center which is considered a Los Angeles Clippers home game today. Early in the game Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George have picked up early fouls within the first two minutes. Anthony Davis from the Los Angeles Lakers is aggressive to start the game with his shot selections. Davis has 4 points early in the game. The Clippers so far have a well round scoring attack.

The difference so far in this game has been the 3 point shooting of the Clippers. The Clippers are 5/7 from 3 point range thus far. The Lakers are going to have to fix their perimeter defense to shore up this issue. The scouting report for the Lakers before the game should’ve said the Clippers are the most efficient team behind 3 point range. The Lakers to counter this attack must play at a higher tempo, and limit the second chance opportunities for the Clippers to have a chance to steal this game.

The first quarter has ended and the Clippers have established a 9 point lead. The Lakers offense this quarter wasn’t smooth, or crisp with the passing and their shot selection. They are lucky to be only down 9 points considering the Clippers finished the quarter shooting 6/11 from 3 point range. An adjustment to help the Lakers offense I would like to see for the second quarter is Frank Vogel to go back Marc Gasol. I would like to see if he can give the some contributions today like he did against the Denver Nuggets.

Second Quarter

The second quarter has started, and what can be a positive is Markieff Morris of the Lakers has hit a 3 pointer. Morris was in a huge drought of not hitting a 3 pointer out his last 28 attempts from 3 point range. The Lakers second unit to start the quarter has change the tide of this game. This unit is creating turnovers on the defensive end, hitting 3 point shots, and getting to the free throw line. The Lakers have now cut the lead to 4 points 29-35 with 9:35 left in the quarter.

DeMarcus Cousins for the Clippers has given the Lakers problems with his scoring in the paint. This is a perfect example of me wanting to see Marc Gasol inserted in the game to guard DeMarcus Cousins in the paint instead of Montrezl Harrell. Back to back 3s by Luke Kennard, and Paul George have halted the Lakers momentum, and extended their lead 42-29 with 7:59 left.

Marc Gasol makes an appearance for the first time today. Marc Gasol presence today won’t be much in fact probably to no avail. The Clippers are pouring it on and are up by 20 points. DeMarcus Cousins for this game has hit the time machine and is dominating. A bigger concern for the Lakers is now Anthony Davis. Anthony has headed back to the locker room, and has not returned ever since he turned his ankle early in the first quarter.

The shooting for the Lakers this quarter has been abysmal. The Lakers are shooting 7/16 while the Clippers are shooting 12/14 from the field. This game is all but over barring a huge meltdown on the Clippers part in the 2nd half. The Clippers lead at halftime by 21 points 65-42.

Halftime Notes

Comparing these teams for today’s game is not even a contest. The Clippers are out rebounding the Lakers 28 to 16, have more assists of 14 to 8, shooting 62.7% from the field, and 57.9% from 3 point range. The Lakers are getting thoroughly dominated by the Clippers this game. I don’t expect honestly much to change this game. Especially with what I sense with no Anthony Davis coming back this game it should be garbage time early in the 3rd quarter.

Kyle Kuzma has been the highlight for the Lakers this game. Kuzma has 15 points on 54% shooting, and 2 steals. For the Clippers their star players have come from multiple fronts. Marcus Morris Sr has 10 points, Demarcus has 11 points, and Paul George has 12 points. Let’s get back for what’s left of this game and let’s see what happens in the second half.

Third Quarter

The quarter has started with an Andre Drummond basket for the Lakers in the paint. The Clippers have been shaky with ball security to open the quarter. The Lakers have taken advantage with Kyle Kuzma scoring some easy baskets. The Lakers have cut the lead to 18 and the Clippers call a timeout to regroup and get back on track for the quarter. It is now being reported that Anthony Davis has back spasms and will not return via Dave McMenamin

Anthony Davis is tweaks his ankle, and is diagnosed with back spasms. He will not return tonight.

Coming out of the timeout the Clippers have regained their rhythm. The Lakers this quarter are just all out of wack, and are still down 20 points. With 3 minutes left now in the quarter not much as change. The Lakers just can’t buy a basket whether it’s inside the paint or at the perimeter. Kuzma is literally the only reason so far this isn’t a 30 point beatdown. Kuzma now has 25 points on 52% shooting. The quarter is over and the Clippers lead 92-71.

4th Quarter/Post Game

The final quarter has began and it’s pretty much over. The Lakers have left Harrell, Kuzma, Ben McLemore, Morris, and Alfonzo McKinnie are in the game. Halfway through the 4th Lakers are down 18 points and it’s all but over for the beloved Lakers today. The Clippers have completed the sweep of the Battle of L.A. There’s not too much here to analyze here this game for the Lakers since they are riddled with injuries. The moral again of this game, and simply put for the Lakers is to just get healthy. It’s going to be a bumpy road for this Laker team to end the season, and what looks inevitable now the play-in tourney for this Lakers team. Without both LeBron James, Davis this season is over and the chances of repeating are basically none.

Next game for the Lakers is tomorrow which is important and will be critical to avoid a play-in game. It will be against the Portland Trailblazers tomorrow at 7pm. Please give us a me a follow on Twitter @Real_Ajay_Virk and @thePeachBasket_ for the latest news in the NBA, and for your coverage on the Los Angeles Lakers as well.


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