Could LeBron Play Another Ten Years?

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Could we see LeBron play in the NBA’s 2029-30 season? Never count out the King

Regardless if you hate LeBron or love him, every basketball fan has to recognize him as one of the all-time greats and one of the most durable athletes to ever play any sport in recorded history. Father Time however remains undefeated; realistically how much gas does LeBron have left in the tank? How much longer can he play at an MVP level? Would LBJ be willing to continue to play if he was not considered the star anymore? Could LeBron’s ego handle being a role player coming off the bench?
I think it could.

I personally think LeBron could play another decade in the NBA and be competitive. Even as his athleticism  diminishes he will still be a better athlete than most players in the NBA because at one point in time he was the best athlete on the planet. If he does stick around, I believe we will see LeBron become more of a Karl Malone/Tim Duncan style presence in the paint, so he won’t have to run around the perimeter as much trying to keep up with those fast, young, athletes in their prime.

LeBron has proven he has the work ethic, to continue to play, many athletes career’s have been cut short because of their bad habits and poor lifestyle. LeBron’s character is a testimony to his longevity. He is still playing at such an amazingly high level, who else deserves to be MVP? He probably would have won it last year if he hadn’t pulled his groin. There is no one in the league that a coach could build a team around faster than LeBron. If he sticks around into his mid-forties he still would be an above average player in the NBA, someone you would want to have on your team and save him until the playoffs to unleash as your secret weapon.

I sure want to see the Lakers vs the Clippers in the Covid 2020 playoffs. Is this LBJ’s last chance to win a championship? Maybe as an MVP candidate but I think he could still be a part of many Championship teams if he would be willing to become a Robert Horry, Marcus Camby, Antonio McDyess type bench player. Time will tell how bad LeBron wants to continue playing the game of basketball at its highest level.

I don’t think LBJ likes golf all that much though, my bet is that he wants to keep playing in the NBA as long as possible.

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