Cry-Baby Diva Dwight Howard Cries Again

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Dwight Howard’s second act with the Lakers was going well before the season suspension, but his first act fell short of expectations

Dwight Howard in a recent interview still refuses to own up to the fact that he failed to produce for the Lakers the first time he suited up with Kobe’s Lakers in 2012. The incredibly over-rated Howard and Steve Nash vastly under-performed which ended with the Lakers getting their asses handed to them by the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs.

“I know that I approached that season wanting to be the best version of myself and also the man,” Howard continued on Wednesday. “You know, I’m young, I just felt like that at the time. It was really hard for me and Kobe to really communicate. I think we were just at two different stages.”

How can you be the “Man” Dwight when a lay-up is out of your range? The fact that you even considered yourself to be anywhere near the talent level of Kobe Bryant is just as short-sighted as Carmelo thinking he deserves to be in the same sentence as LeBron. The media inflated the hype around Melo and Dwight to such heights that they started to think they were good.

“I really can’t speak for Kobe, so I’ll speak for myself,” Howard said, per SI’s Melissa Rohlin. “In that season that I played here [in LA with Kobe and Sorry Ass Nash], I think there was a lot of egos that was in the way of us being the team we wanted to be.”

Kobe was looking for some help, and he failed to get it from Howard and Nash who were basically just stealing money from the Lakers about as bad as Senators and Congressmen are in our government.

When asked why did Tim Duncan eat Howard’s lunch in the playoffs? Kobe replied that Howard was, “Soft”.

“I got to forgive,” Howard said (concerning the comments made by Kobe) “I got to let this stuff go.”

You have to forgive Kobe?

Dwight Howard has to forgive Kobe for speaking the truth about his sorry performance, really???

Dwight Howard needs to write a formal apology letter to Lakers Nation for totally sucking. The fact that eight years later he still cannot own up to the fact that when he was asked to be Superman, he could not even be Robin. The Lakers spotlight was too bright and he melted, he melted like Tim Duncan was Doomsday wearing kryptonite knuckles. Dwight’s attitude is still as poor and sour as his jump shot. When asked Dwight should have said , “No comment.” To make up for your sorry performance and Cry Baby Huey attitude, just shut up and go win a Championship for the Lakers.

Sadly, Lakers Nation will not get closure this year due to Covid. The fact that Lakers Nation has to hear about how Dwight was and still is hurt by Kobe’s “hurtful” comments eight years ago makes me very angry because Kobe is dead. Kobe cannot respond or comment and remind Dwight that he is garbage and that a layup is out of his range. Forget a Super Man cape, get Dwight Howard a baby blue blanket, a bonnet and a pacifier binky. Shut up and go win a ring Dwight, while you still have an opportunity to prove to the Lakers Nation and the basketball world that you were not a total bust.

Kobe Rules, Dwight Drools.

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